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How to find perfect boots for fall: Don’t just rely on your Uggs and Timberlands


Dear Lily,

How do you find warm boots for fall that aren’t big snow boots?

-Taylor K.

Dear Mackenzie,

November is such a hard month fashion-wise because sometimes it’s still a little warm and sunny and sometimes you just want to wrap your entire body in a fuzzy blanket and sip hot chocolate. 

Everyone wants to bring out their favorite boots or buy a new pair but which ones? Winter boots? Well, not yet. 

The difficulty is finding shoes that do not look like snow boots because it’s not quite that season yet. 

However, fleece-lined boots work really well for those who often get cold feet — no pun intended. 

For example, I own a pair of brown, lace up fleece-lined boots that I absolutely love and they’re ideal for fall because they still look adorable and don’t feel clunky. I’m talking apple orchard Instagram photoshoot worthy. 

Plus, they look good with everything because they’re a neutral color and easy to walk in with no ridiculously high heel. 

For those who are still looking for a stylish boot, but don’t see warmth as a priority, go for a Chelsea boot or a chukka boot. 

A Chelsea boot is plain, ankle height and has a vertical strip of elastic in the middle so that you can easily slip them on and off.

A chukka boot is also ankle height, but has a small lace-up section and the entire boot resembles a moccasin but better. They are flat, so if you shy away from heels, these boots are for you. 

Another good boot is a pair of Dr. Martens. Some may laugh these off as clown shoes because they’re a little oversized, but they are so comfortable and stylish that it just doesn’t matter what people think. 

I have a black pair that I adore and had for years now. In fact, they’re still in style. Recently, a friend of mine ordered a new pair that were of a design I had not seen before; they were made of three different neutral suede colors, lace-up and fleece-lined. They looked amazing. 

Doc Martens has so many designs other than the standard large lace-up boot so I would highly recommend going onto their website and taking a look around. It might surprise you. 

Lastly, I would like to make a plea. Please do not wear the quintessential suede UGG boots. 

You know, the ones every single girl had in middle school? Please don’t wear them, not anymore. They do not look good and, though they are extremely warm and cozy, are not in style anymore and frankly, haven’t been in years. 

You want your feet to be warm and cozy around the house? Acceptable and understandable. You want your feet to be warm and cozy in the city? Trust me, you
don’t need UGGs to accomplish that. 

As boots and booties get more and more popular, there are literally endless styles to choose with a whole range of prices. 

If you find yourself in need of a new pair, always keep in mind the pairs and colors that you might already have and what outfits you could potentially wear with the shoes. 

Do not buy anything that you love but can’t style with any of your clothes. That would be a waste and boots are too amazing to waste. 

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