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Vape ban to hurt small businesses

New York State is on its way to banning most flavored vaping products as of Oct. 4 and Massachusetts has acted immediately to enact a four-month ban on these vaping products on Sept. 2.

After the death of seven people in addition to more than 500 people currently sick, the vaping ban had come to the table.

With the ban, those who depended on these e-cigarettes will have to quit vaping or start depending on regular cigarettes, especially if more states continue to ban vaping. This raises the question if this will increase sales in cigarettes while highly harming the sales of vape liquids and devices. 

Mixed feelings on the ban have sprung from those who made a profit from selling it. The entire industry went spiraling down and is harming the local shops from prospering. Mom-and-pop vape shops who once earned their living because of the incremental demand for these vaping products cannot do so anymore.  

The ban is expected to decrease the earnings of these small shops drastically, leading to the unemployment of many.

A “vape-pocalypse” is awaiting these shops as the upcoming year approaches and the Food and Drug Administration will demand approval for the liquids that vapes contain in which can cost between $117,000 and $466,000, according to The Washington Post.7  

In 2016, vape shops had undergone a plummeting in employment and sold them when the FDA also regulated e-cigarettes and other tobacco product, according to The Washington Post8. Ever since then, employment at tobacconists have increased at a steady pace until now, when the government interfered due to concerns about their effect on the public’s health and enacting age restrictions. 

As it appears, the ban of vaping products has caused an outbreak in New York and in the United States as it poses a danger to people’s health and success in managing a business or company.  

David O’Reilly, British American Tobacco’s head of scientific research, said that governments should pass regulation to improve product standards, especially around testing and reporting of the ingredient’s used in vaping liquids, according to The Wall Street Journal9

As said by O’Reilly, the future of vape lies in the hands of the government. 

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