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Students guess what’s in the box at E-Sports event

Joel Bautista | The TickerE-Sports Association hosts Halloween themed game show and challenges students to guess what the mystery item is.

The Baruch E-Sports Association hosted a Halloween themed game show on Oct. 31. The room was filled with students dressed in colorful costumes with pizza in one hand and a bingo card in the other. Nearly every seat in the room was taken, as students watched curiously as their group members were attempting to guess a mystery box item, which they were told could either be dead or alive.

“So be careful not to squeeze too hard!” the committee board members warned. 

“Our goal was to obviously involve everyone, regardless of what games they play. So today we played mystery box, where students get to feel a secret mystery item,” Cindy Chen, president of the Baruch E-Sports club said.

To end the Halloween festivities, the club played a fun game of bingo.

“We decided to play a game of bingo which we thought was a blast, everyone was hyped up, as you can see, and I would definitely like to host something like this again.”

Chen was responsible for grouping the students into teams, towards the end, the team with the most points would win a prize, which ranged from a hoodie to a playful little novelty item.

Alexandra Acevedo, a freshman who is part of the club dressed as Belle Delphine, an English cosplayer.

“I wanted to come and make friends because I am a first-year student, and especially because I dressed up, and I wanted to go to a club where everyone else was dressed up too! I also want to get more into gaming because I am interested, that’s why I’m here, ” Acevado said.

This is Acevado’s first event and she says its exactly what she expected. “There’s groups, there’s games, it’s pretty fun and I’m making friends.”

Maksym Razonov a sophomore, who is also part of the club dressed up as a scarecrow.

“This event is a lot better than any of the events I’ve seen from this club. On the other days, the budget is smaller, but it’s nice, sometimes we chill and just play easy to print out games, or sometimes we play Smash Bros,” Razonov said.

He continued, “Honestly events like this are as good as it gets. I would like to see more of this.”

As the association plans future meetings, they have one goal in mind: to unite all students in Baruch who are interested in gaming. It gives students a chance to compete while also maintaining sportsmanship, as well as meet people of common interests.

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