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LifeSci NYC program provides internships and jobs to thousands

Amelie Zhao

LifeSci NYC is a groundbreaking initiative enabled by the NYC Economic Development Corp, representing the city’s $1 billion investment towards scientific research and related fields. Its primary objective is to establish paid internships and job opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.

Despite its strong focus on science, the program offers many job options. These span from internships in business to roles in computer science. The program is dedicated to creating over 40,000 new job opportunities in New York City, positioning it as the global leader in life sciences.

The LifeSci NYC Internship Program provides quality internships for students, offering hands-on experiences to build critical thinking skills and enhance interns’ resumes.

An interview conducted with Baruch College Campusambassadors — the title given to LifeSci NYC campus ambassadors —  Maxim Boyko, a junior, and Jennifer Kim, a senior, revealed insights into their roles and the program’s significance.

Kim joined LifeSci in the fall of 2023 after securing a marketing internship program through Handshake.

Handshake is a platform that connects employers with students who are passionate about their field of interest and are seeking internships or job opportunities. It is also highly recommended by Baruch’s Starr Career Development Center.

Kim spoke about her experience of changing majors frequently and feeling the pressure of time in her last year at Baruch. Landing an internship tailored to her interests was a source of great satisfaction for her.

“The process is simple,” Kim said, “all you need is to add a resume and cover letter catered to that specific company.”

She landed a marketing and sales internship with Cresilon Inc., a company that employs plant-based technology to develop Vetigel, a product designed to stop bleeding in animals.

Boyko embarked on his journey with LifeSci NYC during his freshman year, attending one of its info sessions at a career fair.

His internship opportunity led him to a Greentech startup called Chemfinity Technologies, which focuses on addressing significant environmental challenges in critical mineral recovery, water purification and gas separations. The startup is currently developing porous membranes to extract precious metals from various liquid streams.

“Joining the program is a stepping stone, especially if you want to work in start-ups and want to be more independent,” Boyko said.

“My first professional experience was amazing; I had the opportunity to work with a former McKinsey consultant who possessed extensive technical and analytical skills. It taught me the importance of initiative and ambition, allowing me to operate within a supportive environment where mistakes are part of the learning experience,” Boyko added.

Kim, who was initially a pre-med major at Hunter College, transferred schools and soon came to realize that there was more to her interests and that business is her passion.

“I think it a very unique way to enter the bio industry and do impactful work especially because other fields are often saturated,” Kim said.

Through her LifeSci NYC internship, Kim was able to explore her interests in biology and business all in one go.

“I learned a great deal about graphic design and market research, gaining my first insights into the role of a marketer. All the managers were incredibly approachable, making it easy to ask questions. As a bio major, this was the perfect way to blend science and business together. It helps you bring two worlds together,” Kim added.

Boyko emphasized the importance of networking opportunities provided by summer internships, which allowed for interactions with fellow interns, panelists, and speakers. These connections extend to graduate students and PhD candidates during the summer and beyond.

When asked for advice for students contemplating applying for internships or jobs through this program, Kim enthusiastically exclaimed, “Just do it! In this job market, every application matters.”

Regarding the future evolution of the program, Boyko envisions “more and more opportunities. You can start to see the Life Science ecosystems develop, with internships leading to lifetime job opportunities. LifeSci NYC and startups are eager to support students in furthering their growth and development, providing business students with the chance to incorporate and explore their business and science passions.”

At Kim’s workplace, many interns transition into full-time roles, with retired bosses even offering recommendations. One of her bosses retired and reached out to ask if she needed a reference letter.

“Lots of interns at Cresilon continued as full-time employees,” Kim said. “Don’t be scared that it says science; just take a shot; these companies want to help you.”

“There are a lot of business opportunities here that are not being taken advantage of. If you’re thinking about it, just do it!” Max emphasized.

More information can be found on the LifeSci NYC website.

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