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Adams administration fails to prevent corruption

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FBI agents searched the homes of senior New York Fire Department Chiefs Brian Cordasco and Anthony Saccavino as part of an investigation into whether they had accepted bribes to expedite fire inspections. The scandal is the latest in a recent string of federal investigations into both city employees and Mayor Eric Adams, suggesting Adams has fostered a deeply rooted culture of corruption that only exacerbates the problems New Yorkers face.

There are currently over six separate investigations into Adams, his administration and associates. Either Adams is a crook, or he is incompetent enough to be unaware that his administration appears to be to corruption what a petri dish is to bacteria.

Adams has not been charged in connection to these investigations, but it’s no surprise that his mayoral approval rating is the lowest Quinnipiac University has recorded in 27 years.

Agents conducted the search on Feb. 14, after the chiefs were found to have received unexplained payments of $97,000 each from a retired firefighter, according to the New York Times.

The investigation comes after nonprofit newsroom The City reported on emails that revealed the FDNY had canceled a dozen fire inspections—including for a school— to fast-track large developers, many of whom had contributed money to Adams’s campaign or lobbied top mayoral officials.

Cordasco and Saccavino have not been accused and are currently on modified leave, reported ABC 7

Significant action needs to be taken against the chiefs – for starters unpaid leave – and measures must be implemented to root out the corruption the Adams administration has become a hotbed for.

In cases like the FDNY scandal, corruption threatens the safety of New Yorkers.

Two years into his mayoralty, Adams has seen the rise of an internal corruption scandal but failed to address the urgent issues facing New Yorkers.Adams’ favorite catchphrase is, “All my haters become my waiters when I sit down at the table of success.” It’s the reason Hell Gate and Type Investigations dubbed their project to document the complex web of connections between his donors and his inner circle, the Eric Adams Table of Success.

But his “haters” are unfortunately already waiting—waiting for a mayor who acts in the best interest of New Yorkers.

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  • J

    John DooleyMar 4, 2024 at 10:27 am

    Pay back is tough. These two hairbags stepped over the bodies of chiefs that had a conscious to advance their own career’s. These two are not team players. I love it when a plan does not come together especially to two guys like this!