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Yungblud defends his generation on The Underrated Youth

Rawpic | Wikimedia Commons
Rawpic | Wikimedia Commons

Known for his loud and rambunctious songs that do not fear calling out society’s injustices and wrong doings, as well as political standpoints, Harrison has used The Underrated Youth EP to somewhat slow things down and just explore everything he has encountered in the past year.

His debut album, 21st Century Liability, was a collection of songs that were angsty and rowdy.

Each song made sure to yell in your face and point out what was wrong, whether it be how society believes that they have to keep control of “Psychotic Kids.” 

This album was an introduction to what Yungblud is as a whole. Harrison always emphasizes the idea that Yungblud is not just him as an artist.

“Yungblud has become 50% me and 50% my fanbase. We’re almost at a movement of people with similar or the exact same ideologies. It’s not a fanbase and an artist,” he explained in an interview with Substream Magazine

He has always been an artist who focuses both on protesting for what is right as well as creating a safe space for those who feel as though they do not fit in anywhere else.

His new EP, The Underrated Youth, strays away from its predecessor by not being as turbulent and rowdy.  

This EP shows a different side to the loudness and expresses topics such as hope with a softness that was not as present in his previous work. 

The six songs that make up the EP also serves as proof that Harrison is not focused on one particular style of music but can mold into different genres and not be boxed into just one category.

Track one of the EP titled “Braindead” channels early grunge and is reminiscent of bands such as Green Day, with hints of the early work of the Arctic Monkeys. 

“Parents” is more of a pop-rap track calling out the elder generation for thinking that they are always correct when, in reality they might not be correct at all.

Yungblud is no stranger to collaborations seeing as he has collaborated quite a few times with artists such as Machine Gun Kelly, Halsey and Travis Barker of Blink-182. 

This time, he teamed up with Imagine Dragons front-man Dan Reynolds on the song “Original Me” about the times in which one is left feeling defeated due to certain mental health issues.

“Waiting for the Weekend” showcased Harrison’s vocals beautifully through an acoustic song that brings to mind Alex Turner’s work for the soundtrack of Richard Ayoade’s 2011 film Submarine

Harrison has previously stated that he looks up to Turner as one of his musical inspirations. The title track is a heartfelt ballad to those who feel like rejects and reassures them that there is hope in the future for them despite current issues.

Altogether, The Underrated Youth EP serves as a collection of songs that work together to share the optimism that lies in the hands of the members of Gen-Z no matter what elders says. 

“We genuinely give a fuck about the world and the place we live in and what is right and what is true. This EP says the future is going to be bright, simply because we’re fucking in it,” says Harrison in an interview with Billboard.

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