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CUNY and SUNY automatically admit the top 10% of NY high school students 

Jim.Henderson | Wikimedia Commons

Gov. Kathy Hochul has announced a new policy granting automatic admission to the top 10% of high school graduates in New York State into SUNY and CUNY systems. This policy is designed to improve access to higher education for students across the state. 

The initiative is part of efforts to make business education more inclusive by offering more students the opportunity to attend prestigious institutions within the SUNY and CUNY systems. These universities and colleges are recognized for their comprehensive academic programs, research opportunities, and connections to the business industry. 

By enabling automatic admission for the highest achieving students, Hochul aims to attract a diverse group of future business leaders. This approach seeks to enhance the quality of education and support within these institutions, contributing to their roles as centers for innovation and leadership development. 

The policy addresses educational disparities and makes higher education more affordable for talented students who might otherwise face barriers in accessing higher education. It is intended to promote equity in business education, providing more students with the chance to succeed in their academic and professional pursuits. 

Furthermore, this initiative is expected to benefit the local economy by preparing a well-educated workforce equipped to address the challenges and opportunities in business and related fields. Investing in education is a crucial step toward fostering economic growth and stability in New York. 

The announcement by Hochul marks a significant development in the state’s approach to education reform. It reflects a commitment to expanding opportunities for students and supporting their growth as future leaders in the business community. 

CUNY tweeted in support of the initiative on the platform X, “.@GovKathyHochul’s proposal to automatically admit students from the top 10% of each high school class to CUNY and SUNY is a bold step toward educational equity that will ease the college transition for countless families.” 

As part of Hochul’s goal to increase access to higher education, the Governor proposed legislation, requiring school districts to make sure that all high school seniors complete the FAFSA form. 

Completing the FAFSA form ensures that anyone who is eligible for financial aid, gets access to it. 

The FAFSA form has recently changed its format and questions to make it simpler for students. 

Hochul has also announced a plan for SUNY and CUNY to ensure all SNAP eligible students are aware of available benefits to address food insecurity among students. She will expand SNAP outreach on their campuses to support food insecure students. 

The Governor is also planning to coordinate with SUNY and CUNY to actively provide information to students on voting registration.

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