The Baruch reboot — campus TVs must get content revamp

The Editorial Board

Bernard Baruch sits quietly on a bench, facing students marching through Baruch College’s front entrance. He certainly has all the time in the world to pay attention to the TV that is perched two feet away from him, while students are busy rushing to class, grabbing a quick bite or fumbling with IDs. The TVs that surround Baruch are never discussed, they just exist like the wall of flyers that line the seventh floor of the Newman Vertical Campus — another marketing tactic used to draw attention to community events or club fairs.

In a society that prides itself on being technologically advanced, more can be done to revamp these TVs which are just becoming a simple technological platform for events that happen at Baruch.

A closer look at these TVs reveal some useful information, usually showcased with heavy text and visuals. 

The TVs do cater to offering students information of what’s going on around Baruch, but students are consistently on the go, not having the time to stop and stare at long texts of information on the TVs. These TVs should first acknowledge the concept of brevity and keep information short, sweet and to the point. It would be wise to supplement this by showing breaking news around the school. A ticker that reads information to students on the screen is much more beneficial than an email.  Some of these TVs are strategically placed by the second floor elevators, allowing more time for students to stare at the screen while they wait.

CUNY TV, CUNY’s official TV station, should also be streamed to the TVs at Baruch to further showcase the work of CUNY staff and students. The shows on CUNY TV are informative and the TVs at Baruch can provide closed captioning for students interested in catching a quick glimpse of a show, or showcase of some sort.

Finding more ways to highlight areas around Baruch, rather than just showcasing text information on the TV, can be channeled through a weekly broadcasting program if possible. Students would be both informed and entertained by students coming together to produce weekly content designed to keep students on their toes about new events, breaking news and highlights on certain clubs or programs.

Baruch needs to change the way it operates the TVs around the building if they want to create a lasting impression for both staff and students.