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Baruch receives $10M for CUNY Tech 2X to promote career success

Salman Ahmed

Mayor Eric Adams has announced that, in conjunction with the city-wide action plan for Young Adult Career Success, the CUNY 2x tech initiative will receive $10 million in funding for an extension to five new campuses in 2024.

Instituted in the winter of 2018 and a part of the Action Plan for Young Adult Career Success,CUNY 2x Tech is a program that reinforces the idea that every student should have the ability to gain access to tech-related internships with the skills that they have obtained to correctly invest their time in their respective tech-related fields and careers.

This program will change the students’ way of learning and the environment in which they will learn.

More importantly, many funded schools will hire faculty and advisors that efficiently support the initiative and its primary purpose to advance enrollment in tech degree programs and academic achievement. 

Baruch College highlighted their inclusion in the program in an Instagram post. 

“Pathways to an Inclusive Economy: An Action Plan for Young Adult Career Success” – a more than $600 million roadmap to build inclusive pathways for the city’s young people to enter the workforce. 

They are also collaborating with the New York Jobs CEO Council to install programs and use the resources to support their students better to ensure their approach to the workforce is facilitated.  

New York Jobs CEO Council plans to fund these initiatives over the next couple of years. 

CUNY community colleges would obtain funding in following the development of numerous programs such as tutoring, centers, advisors and more to expand the computer science department at said schools. 

Following the plan, the five new campuses including Baruch have been set to receive $10 million in CUNY 2X Tech funding.

With the help of the CUNY 2X tech, The Department of Information Systems and Statistics at Baruch will use this new opportunity to ensure connections and establish new computer science programs and classrooms.

These resources will provide Baruch students with new learning opportunities in order to foster students’ success in completing their tech degree. 

However, with the CUNY 2X Tech being primarily tech-related, this funding will focus on more than just the computer science majors at Baruch. 

In Baruch’s assortment of career paths and opportunities, this fund will not only support and integrate into tech fields but any major that is related to information technology.

These majors include science, business and an assortment of other paths, with the assurance for the future of the current or approaching Baruch graduates. 

The CUNY 2X Tech initiative is a small step in Mayor Adams’ “Pathways to an inclusive economy” plan. The plan also includes funding for the U.S. Department of Labor and the New York City Department of Youth and Community Development. 

The plan aims to help the youth ensure that their career path can be found with the resources provided by New York City.

“New York City’s tomorrow depends on what we do for our young people today to tell our young people we are here to help you succeed,” Mayor Adams said. “From out-of-school and out-of-work youth to high school students who simply want to follow their dreams and everyone in between, this plan is for them to let them know that New York City is still the place where anything is possible.”

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