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Farewell Letter: The wait till the starry night will always be worth it

Courtesy of Adriana Maria | Ticker Media Suite

To the passionate voices behind the Opinions section,

Woah! My time with The Ticker has suddenly come to an end. This eight-month tenure as Opinions Editor has been a canvas painted with challenges, dreams and profound growth.

This journey unfolded like the colors of a breathtaking sunrise. As I find myself amid a contemplative pause where the echoes of the past connect with the promise of new horizons, I want to share what brought me to this moment.

As an economics major with a double minor in statistics and Latin American and Caribbean studies, I was far from the journalism field. I work as an academic tutor at Baruch College in introductory math, economics and statistics courses.

I enjoyed mentoring students, helping them learn and get better grades. Later, I would find that a similar position became available in the student newspaper, but one where I would become a writing mentor.

Joining the student newspaper was so unexpected. I thought it was an exclusive space requiring a membership to write inside its pages. During the bustling club fair, I nervously walked up to The Ticker’s stand through other overcrowded tables and told the excited staff I liked writing.

I will forever remember my first article on congregate shelter sites, which was at first returned to me mainly because I had yet to grasp the rigid structure of an opinion article. The editor was kind in her feedback, indicating the areas to improve.

The opinions section became my home during my second year. I looked forward to the new issues every week: exploring new perspectives, delving into the depths of research and defending a stance until the end.

The topics I explored the most were education rights and economic inequities. Overall, my favorite opinion piece was on the Indian Child Welfare Act, which was challenged in a Supreme Court case but is now fortunately intact.

The transition from navigating research and diverse perspectives as a writer to assuming the pivotal role of managing a team of writers and refining their work was a transformative shift. I am forever thankful to Mia for her guidance and belief in my abilities.

Like a sunset that graces the sky with its hues before bidding goodbye, my time as an opinions editor illuminated my path, giving me experiences and lessons, I will remember forever.

The media production process was an adjustment. It was challenging and something I actively worked to understand and get good at.

The first issue was the hardest – a balancing act between summer classes, my work schedule and assignments with article edits and layout. Despite the challenge, I stayed with the position overseeing a community of over 300 members eager to write each week. Before I knew it, I was publishing an entire section with 10 to 13 articles a week.

Adriana Maria Photo | Ticker Staff

Developing an advice column in the opinions section was one of my proudest accomplishments. After doing the layout every week, the section needed something more fun and lighthearted.

I found three representatives from each Baruch school to give anonymous advice to students’ needs. I changed the opinions layout, creating space for the advice column and longer editorials.

The newly created advice column can be read on the second page of our printed newspapers. Likewise, the form to submit questions can be found in the topics emails.

As editor of the section, I could no longer write opinion articles, which was a part of my path that I missed. So, I started interviewing the student body for the news section and experts for the science section.

One news article focused on what actions students thought CUNY should take after one university decided to disinvest in fossil fuels. 

While balancing editing duties, I appreciated the moments when I could still write, which is what my heart and mind love to do. 

Additionally, I am proud of starting a spotlight series where I had the opportunity to interview a professor from the Black and Latine/x department about an introductory class he teaches. Another article focused on the latest entrepreneurship opportunities for students from the department chair.

I wrote exclusive articles about a research study conducted by a CUNY distinguished professor. After the malware attack on Baruch’s campus I wrote about cybersecurity protection measures from a computer security expert and professor in the computer information systems department.

I found myself amid a mountain of responsibilities, each one a unique hue on this canvas of my growth. Through the haze of duties, I learned to nourish my dreams, making them seem possible against all odds.

This incredible college newspaper proved that I’m capable of anything. My experience motivated me to pursue an honors thesis in economics next semester.

I’m thankful to Atifah for proofreading through every layout and catching every error despite opinions being one of the most extended sections. To Josephine and Mari, thank you for being the best copy editors a section editor can hope for.

Adelina and Jumaane deserve a special thank you for turning my jumbled requests into stunning artwork and uniquely captured photos. And, I am appreciative of Nicole for listening to my rants and becoming one of my greatest friends.

The immense support of The Ticker team became the stars that guided me through it.

As I bid farewell, I carry the essence of a sunset rising above responsibilities. This journey taught me the value of resilience and the beauty of overcoming challenges. The hopeful starry night that emerges after a long day is a reminder: amid responsibilities and uncertainties, pursuing our dreams is always worth it.


Adriana Maria Tavares

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