US must secure place in ‘trade war’ industries to stop possible recession


Brett Sayles | Pexels

Ahsan Mushtaq

The U.S. government should be investing more in the industries affected by the U.S.-China trade war of President Donald Trump in order to brace for a possible recession in 2020-2021. The United States shouldn’t allow China to gain an advantage in industries like manufacturing and telecommunications.

These industries are very crucial to U.S. national security and to the safety of American people. Depending on a foreign company on a crucial aspect of our lives is very dangerous.  Telecommunication companies like Verizon and AT&T must develop more advanced 5G technology to get ahead of Huawei.

Private companies in America should be given incentives to create more advanced technology through subsidies, Research & Experimentation Tax Credit and other measures. 

We must find alternative markets for farmers and automobile industries here at home and abroad. We have the manpower and intellectual prowess to be number one in the world. 

The rise of China shouldn’t lead the United States to isolate itself. We should monitor how developed China is getting and encourage our companies to produce even better for Americans and the world. 

The political consequences of a losing trade deal or a recession, is going to hurt the re-election chances of Trump in the 2020 election, as many Americans in swing states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin voted for economic reasons. 

The proponents of globalism, the elite class, do not know how the working class is hurting from outsourcing and unfair foreign competition. 

The United States must invest in national programs for modernization and infrastructure. To ensure our good and services are on par with the best in the world, we should compete with assurance for our businesses. We should allow our businesses to compete with Chinese companies on fair terms, so American consumers have the cheapest and most reliable product available to them. 

Businesses must not feel uncertain about future trade policies, as they are more reluctant to employ more people and increase investments. 

In this trade war, it is necessary that the United States doesn’t make decisions that hurt their own industries and jobs. In any deal, there will be a compromise which will hurt to some extent, so the U.S. government must put its people first. 

The president may be facing an impeachment crisis and other scandals, but unpredictability and risky measures is not what American businesses and consumers want. The United States should become more self-reliant. The 2018 U.S. exports were $1.7 trillion dollars and the imports were 2.5 trillion dollars, according to the Census, which shows a trade deficit. 

The U.S. should be the leading industrial powerhouse it once was. American companies should collaborate and compete with one another, to provide every American with the cheapest and best service and goods possible. 

Because of the China-U.S. trade war, companies will require government assistance caused by the tariffs imposed. Trump should encourage competition for better U.S. transportation, infrastructure and agricultural programs with other countries. How is it possible we don’t have a lightning speed train across the country like a Chinese bullet train? Why can’t we have the cheapest and best 5G in every acre of this country? 

Perhaps Congress passing the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement could provide temporary assistance till China also makes concessions in some sort of trade deal. 

It is without a doubt that farmers in this country are hurt, and temporary bailouts will not help them as they have supply that needs demand. A trade deal with Mexico and Canada will ease the discomfort of many farmers. 

The American government must increase employment through national programs and incentives for innovation by private businesses. 

If the United States was able to bail out Wall Street and big banks in 2008, it should be better in preventing another recession from happening again in hindsight. 

We should have economic cushions placed ahead of 2020 or 2021, should a possible recession take place. Republicans may argue that government intervention may go against free-market ideals. But here’s the catch. 

China is not playing fairly. Trade wars are never good for anyone; they always lead to consumers and businesses being hurt. But an authoritarian, undemocratic and ruthless regime which is aiming to become an empire, will never understand until it crumbles economically.