Unpaid internships should offer more


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The Editorial Board

Companies must focus more on gearing internships toward practicality, both in what responsibilities interns have and how they are compensated. 

Unpaid internships have become the pervasive first stepping stone for many students as their first experience to list on their resume, something that is key for moving on toward more professional ventures in the future. 

Students still require and deserve more from the internship, however, especially when juggling every other responsibility in their lives. International students, students who work full time, part-time students and many other hard-working individuals often have to opt for unpaid internships due to the confines and requirements for paid ones.

Although the menial tasks interns often do can be vital for learning about the job, those who “profit” off unpaid student labor owe it to these interns to provide a more fruitful experience.

A college student’s work and time is still of value regardless if they’re there for two days a week or full time. If companies decide to not pay students for their service and work, they should gear the work of these students to be of equal value of them as well.

Gaining valuable career insight, hands-on interning experience, networking opportunities and even just a welcoming atmosphere are just few aspects that help both students and companies truly benefit from internships.