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Roses and Royalty hosts promposal competition

Jose Pacheco | USGBaruch

USG gave students a night to remember during the Roses and Royalty prom event. USG’s version of prom took place Nov. 30, from 6:00 to 8:30 pm in the beautifully decorated multipurpose room.

Roses and Royalty was a very anticipated event among students, especially for those who hadn’t experienced a prom. The RSVP form closed just minutes after it was announced on USG’s Instagram, speaking to the excitement of Baruch students.

As part of the promotion for this event, USG proclaimed that they were hosting a promposal competition. A promposal is a unique way of asking someone to be their date to the prom. USG posted a compilation video of example promposals on its Instagram, to announce this competition.

The rules for the competition were that students had to upload a video of their own promposal video, tag the USG Instagram account, and use the #RnRBaruch hashtag. The winner would receive a brand-new Apple Watch.

Three promposals were highlighted in this competition, and students could vote through a poll on USG’s Instagram stories. The winners were announced at the Roses and Royalty event were Jason and Kai. Baruch students who met over USG’s Leadership Weekend, as explained by Jason during the event.

Students were seen getting ready up to an hour before the event, dressing in their most elegant red and black outfits. The excitement could be felt throughout the hallways of the NVC, confirming the demand for such formal events.

Doors opened at 6 pm and closed around 7 pm. While RSVP was required for this event, a lack of attendees allowed people who weren’t able to RSVP to take part.

Upon entering the on theme decorated venue, each guest was handed a fake rose. As attendees walked in, they were greeted with a red carpet. Making everyone feel like royalty with questions like, “who are you wearing?”

In true royal fashion, the event consisted of a cocktail hour and dinner. Servers walked around with apple cider served in champagne flutes and paneer kathi rolls, energizing students on the dance floor.

The dinner consisted of delicious food from Desi Galli, an Indian street food restaurant. The menu included fan favorites such as naan, butter chicken, paneer, chicken biryani and vegetable biryani. Guests were encouraged to take seconds as there was an abundance of food.

The music played at the event was a mix of popular music from the 2010s along with some very danceable Latin music. Many students also enjoyed classic dances to the songs “Cha-Cha Slide” and “Cupid Shuffle.” Just like any prom this event also has its fair share of slow songs, the main one being “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran.

The event did not have a DJ present, but a playlist made beforehand was played throughout the night. At some points the song would change in the middle of a track, making for less than happy dancing guests.

Around 8:30 pm, guests were asked to make their way out of the multipurpose room slowly. This gave them little time to take last-minute pictures, upsetting some guests.

As attendees left the event, they were thanked and handed red and white striped scarves with an adorable Bernie cartoon, as a memento.

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