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Amy Pulster

Mia Euceda– Arts & Culture Editor

Favorite Album: “SABOR SÓNICO II”

According to Apple Music, I spent nearly 1300 minutes, or 21 and a half hours listening to the hypnotic Afro-indigenous sounds of Latin cumbia. It’s no surprise that one of my favorite releases of this year is “SABOR SÓNICO II” by producer and cumbia sondiera wizard Amantes Del Futuro, also known as Ima Felini.

On this release, Felini summons spacey basslines, candied synths and the unmistakable “chk-chika-chk” of the guacharaca cane to create a hyper danceable sound.

A good chunk of the songs are “rebajadas,” or slowed down, but this record somehow manages to be even more danceable than the previous installment.

The sedated accordion and deep, bouncing bass on “CUMBIA LENTA” are equally hypnotic and energizing. The track’s refrain— or dare I say command— is “Let’s all dance the slow cumbia/Let’s have fun.” Before you know it, you’re under Felini’s spell and mindlessly shuffling your feet.

“SABOR SÓNICO II” fuses electronic production with Colombian folk rhythms to yield a futuristic, yet traditional sound. It’s nearly impossible not to tap your foot or slightly sway your hips when listening.


Judah Duke– Business Editor

Favorite Book: “The Three Body Problem”

 Liu Cixin’s “The Three Body Problem” was seriously one of my favorite books ever. It took me maybe two or three weeks to read, and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. That being said, it’s not for everyone, but if at least one of the following interests you, I’d definitely give it a shot: fiction, sci-fi, technology, humanity, intractable mathematical puzzles or the futility of existence.

An explanation of what the book is about is difficult without spoiling it, but here’s a rough idea.

During China’s Cultural Revolution, a secret military installation sent out messages to space in hopes of an alien civilization receiving it. Years later, in the present, it’s discovered that the message was received, and the consequences shape the future of humanity monumentally, rapidly and permanently.

Liu fills the novel with action, all the while waxing philosophical and representing the book’s human characters with an uncommon genuineness and realism. Netflix will release a series based off the book in March next year… but please don’t wait until then to read it. You heard it here first — it’s one of the best books you’ll ever read!


Mariana Oliva– Copy Editor

Favorite TV Show: “How To with John Wilson”

Streaming its final season on Max this past summer, “How To with John Wilson” was one of my top television shows this year. It’s executive-produced by Nathan Fielder, which should be enough to make you want to watch it.

Narrated by John Wilson, the audience gets different cultural views from New Yorkers, by a New Yorker himself. The series is shot in a documentary format which is what kept me watching for all three seasons.

There is something distinct about humans being encapsulated in their natural state and doing random things, at random times. It’s a very New York thing. One moment Wilson is grocery shopping in NY shopping in , yet by the end of the episode he’s at a Mandela Effect conference out in Idaho. It’s insane.

It’s intriguing to watch each episode and wonder who Wilson is going to encounter. One of my go-to episodes is Season 2 Episode 3, “How to Find a Spot.” I won’t spoil it, you’ll just have to go see it for yourself.


Alexandra Adelina Nita– Graphics Editor

Favorite Graphic Novel: “Boys Weekend”

When Sammie—a newly-out, transfemme artist’s assistant—leaves their loving fiancée and supportive trans community in New York City to be the “best man” for a bachelor party of college friends, they’re definitely expecting awkwardness. What can they have in common anymore with a bunch of emotionally constipated fintech crypto zealots, cops and real estate agents?

But like most horror protagonists, Sammie underestimates just how bad things can get in Mattie Lubchansky’s 2023 debut full-length graphic novel “Boys Weekend.” The wedding is in El Campo, an island where capitalism is the law and wealthy tourists indulge their wildest fantasies, no matter how stupid, dangerous or amoral. And there’s a cult afoot.

Lubchansky’s years as a political cartoonist at independent nonfiction comics publisher The Nib show in El Campo’s gag-a-minute backgrounds, which feature everything from lines to fight killer crocs to businesses advertising moon-graffitiing lasers.

The graphic novel also features a range of satirical subjects. Self-proclaimed allies, Silicon Valley libertarianism, toxic masculinity, and leaning-in—the kind of white, middle-to-upper-class Global North-centric feminism-lite that spawned girlbossing—are all free game. One agonizingly well-realized character is best described as J.K. Rowling if she’d climbed the corporate ladder, but instead of writing mediocre books she kept the long-running commitment to transphobia.

Sammie’s struggle to maintain an old friendship subjects them to the pain and frustration of misgendering. It’s fitting that the most emotional scenes in the book  are moments where Sammie is alone with themself.


Jahlil Rush– Production Assistant

Favorite TV Show: “My Adventures with Superman”

“My Adventures with Superman” is my favorite television show for 2023. DC Comics’ latest incarnation of the Man of Steel is a suitable introduction to the “Superman” mythology for the next generation of comic fans.

The series’ first season follows a young Clark Kent just starting at the Daily Planet as a journalist alongside icon Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen.  While saving lives along the way, Superman is discovering what it means to be a hero.

With its beautiful animation, the show creates a vibrant Metropolis that feels both familiar and brand new to audiences. The few action-packed scenes touch on the superhero’s issues with balancing a double life.

The show’s writing shines through its ability to blend anime-styled humor, suspense and heartwarming moments, making it a well-balanced and engaging show for any demographic.

“My Adventures with Superman” is a warm-hearted animated series that  reminds viewers why the “Superman” franchise remains relevant over its 80-year run. It reinvigorates the Superman mythos, leaving fans eager for more thrilling escapades of the alien hero. 


Inga Keselman– Senior Staff Writer

Favorite TV Show: “Ted Lasso”

Apple TV+’s Ted Lasso was one of the best TV shows this year. The show follows Ted Lasso, an American football coach who is invited to the Premiere League in the United Kingdom to coach soccer. This year marked the premiere of the third and final season.

This comedy touches on important themes of teamwork, friendship, forgiveness and love. The characters use positivity and joy to find support within each other, all while trying to win the Premiere League. The show is perfect for anyone who loves soccer, needs a good laugh or a valuable life lesson.

“Ted Lasso” is so special because it makes you double over laughing to the point where your stomach hurts while touching on serious themes. The final season examined whatit’s like to be a gay soccer player in the Premiere League, the ways in which athletes are bombarded with hate when they stand up against politicians, how divorce affects your interpersonal relationships, what happens when someone’s nude photos get leaked and how that affects their life and career, and so much more.

This show got me through this year because no matter what was happening it was a source of joy and positivity. The creators of “Ted Lasso” cracked the code: sometimes the most subversive thing you could do is be positive.

All three seasons of Ted Lasso are streaming on Apple TV+.

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