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Adams faces accusations which could end term as mayor

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The slew of scandals that continue to pile up and plague the office of New York’s Mayor Eric Adams tarnish his already terrible reputation, deeming him unfit for office.

At the heart of the scandal is a recent lawsuit accusing Adams of sexually assaulting a woman in 1993. The allegations, which Adams vehemently denies, have resurfaced at a critical time, raising questions about his qualifications for office and ability to lead the city.

The lawsuit, filed under the Adult Survivors Act, allows survivors of sexual assault to bring civil cases in a one-year window, regardless of the statute of limitations.

If the allegations are proven true, Adams will face both financial and reputational damage, potentially ending his political career and placing a permanent stain on his character.

This summons comes as Mayor Adams is being investigated by the FBI on whether Adams’s campaign unlawfully accepted money from the Turkish government in exchange for special favors, including bypassing fire safety standards and other mandatory procedures to build a brand-new Turkish consulate in the city.

The FBI directly seized Adams’s two cell phones and iPad and are searching for evidence of wrongdoing.

However, New Yorkers have a responsibility to demand accountability from their leaders. The parallels drawn to former President Donald Trump’s legal entanglements serve as a stark reminder that corruption should not be allowed to prevail.

New Yorkers must turn out in immensely pressured numbers in the next mayoral election to tell corrupt candidates like Adams that his conduct is unacceptable and deny him a chance for another term. It’s the least that could be done on behalf of the city.

Thankfully, New Yorkers have caught onto the mayor’s inadequacy. A Marist poll released Tuesday found that 52% of New York City residents disapprove of Adams’s job performance, including one-third who say they “strongly disapprove.”

The survey also highlights widespread skepticism regarding Adams’ campaign’s involvement with Turkey, indicating that the public perceives ethical lapses in his conduct.

Along with assault allegations and campaign finance violations, Adams still can’t manage the city. Budget cuts announced by the Adams administration included a slashed Pre-K program for city schools, lessened trash pickup and limited library services.

In the upcoming two years, the education budget will be shortened by $547 million this year and $600 million next year, including cuts to funding for the City University of New York.

Adams attributes these cuts to the migrant crisis, blaming President Biden and Washington DC. However, the mayor’s mismanagement of the situation, evidenced by 30-day eviction notices and people facing homelessness in freezing temperatures, points to a lack of leadership.

Regardless of external factors, Adams must take responsibility for protecting the vulnerable instead of deflecting blame.

The mayor’s decision to house migrants in tents at Orchard Beach, a popular recreation area, has been particularly criticized. Critics argue that the move is inhumane and fails to provide adequate shelter and support for the migrants.

Mayor Adams could not be further from serving the best interests of working-class families, which comprise most of New York City.

Basil Smikle Jr., the director of the public policy program at Hunter College, asserts that what voters see, touch and access matters heavily in evaluations of government efficacy and efficiency claims.

Given all at stake, Adams’s credibility is severely compromised. New Yorkers deserve a mayor who prioritizes accountability and effective governance.

It’s time for Adams to be replaced by a candidate who acknowledges that the city’s interests are best served by a leader free from scandals.

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