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PinkPantheress’ ‘Heaven Knows:’ The rise of a popstar

Screenshot from Nice to meet you music video | Warner Records

PinkPantheress’ new album, “Heaven Knows,” shows the artist’s prowess in her mixing abilities, as well as her popstar potential. She initially made her mark with the hit songs “Pain” and “Break it Off” in 2019 and gained internet traction during the pandemic via TikTok. 

“Heaven Knows” runs for a total of 34 minutes, longer than any album PinkPantheress has previously released.

On the album, she continues to develop her Y2K pop inspired sound, all while taking cues from the breakbeats of drum and bass. In an interview with BigBoyTv, the 22-year-old Brit from Bath, England, expressed feelings of unease towards the idea of being an artist, stating that she was more inclined to become a writer before she ever thought she would step up to the mic herself. 

“Writing was one of the reasons I went into it, because singing and performing was never my aim or end goal, to be a performer. I always wanted to be a writer,” she said.

PinkPantheress’ writing background is evident in her songs, as the lyrics often depict deep feelings and meaningful imagery. In her last album, “to hell with it,” she displayed a melancholy mood through lyrics showing a lack of motivation and enjoying emotional pain and ache.

“Heaven Knows” continues the tone she had previously set with her mini album. “The theme is about love, loss and life,” PinkPantheress said in an interview with The Guardian. “I wanted it to feel like…the listener could start having memories of a loved one or someone that they’ve lost; overall, I wanted to make everyone feel a bit depleted and sad.”

“Heaven Knows” is particularly etched with a lovelorn sorrow, as each song explains the different woes of romance, which the album sets excellently. 

“You lay in bed, where you’d rather be instead/No, you’re not quite stuck with me, But, one day, you’ll be,” she sings on “The Aisle.” She continues to muse on the bittersweet romanticism of heartbreak in “Capable of Love.” I’m obsessed with the idea that one day it breaks up/’Cause after that, I know I’ll never be as capable of love, After you.” 

She starts the album with “Another Life,” a track about a dead loved one whose soul leaves the material world. c In the song, she also interpolates lyrics from K-pop group f(x) ’s track “Ice Cream,” with a feature from Afro-beat artist Rema.

 The album ends catchily with ‘Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2’, where Ice Spice’s verse references Aaliyah’s” I Don’t Wanna” through the lyrics “I can’t sleep without you/think without you/eat without you/speak without you,” showing the artistic influences of this album through lyrical references.

“Heaven Knows” continues a somber tone with backtracks of pop beats to create a certain juxtaposition between the melancholy of certain aspects of life, particularly love, while giving it a replayability factor through upbeat instrumentals. 

PinkPantheress mixes dance and jungle beats and sweet, soft-spoken vocals to create a specifically ‘pantheress-esque’ sound that is unique to her. With its gentle delivery and bitter lyrical undertones, the album is a whirlwind of emotion, allowing the listener to enter a somber state of mind.

Despite gaining traction two years ago, PinkPantheress already has a strong fanbase established not only through her anonymous releases but also through star-studded features like Ice Spice, Rema, Lil Uzi Vert and WILLOW, ensuring that this is only the beginning of an iconic pop career.

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