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Måneskin expand on ‘RUSH!’ in new deluxe album

Sven Mandel | Wikimedia Commons

Italian rock band Måneskin released the deluxe version of their fourth studio album, “RUSH!” on Nov. 10. 

The original album was released in January with 18 songs conveying rich storytelling through 55 minutes of incredible sound. The deluxe version “RUSH! (ARE U COMING?)” clocks in at 22 songs and lasts around 67 minutes. 

The deluxe version includes five new songs, “HONEY (ARE U COMING?)”, “VALENTINE,” “OFF MY FACE,” “THE DRIVER” and “TRASTEVERE.” ”HONEY (ARE U COMING?)” was initially released as a single and inspired the deluxe album’s name. Fans may also be familiar with “THE DRIVER” and “TRASTEVERE,” as both songs were added to the tour setlist and routinely performed in concert. 

In releasing deluxe versions of an album, the industry standard usually has the new tracks added to the bottom, yet Måneskin strays from this idea. The new album starts with these five tracks, switching up the original listening order. 

“HONEY (ARE U COMING?)” replaces the original album’s first track, “OWN MY MIND,” but the switch doesn’t feel too foreign as both are electric and powerful songs. The single makes for a great introduction to the updated version of the album. The opening track combines melancholic lyrics with an up-tempo dance energy to create contrast. 

“VALENTINE” is also a single accompanied by a captivating and intimate music video. Damiano David, the lead singer for the group, brings his dynamic and commanding vocals to the ballad, emphasizing the uncomfortable emotion. 

“RUSH!” has its fair share of ballads in both English and Italian, but by the band’s own admission, “VALENTINE” differs from their usual sound. Måneskin’s ballads have previously evoked sadness, but these new ideas of love and struggle differ, as they purposefully convey a troubled feeling.

The album continues with “OFF MY FACE,” which is reminiscent of the typical Måneskin-style hit. The detailed instrumentals and catchy guitar riffs create a highly danceable tune. The drum accompaniment showcases Ethan Torchio’s strong talent coupled with the skills of bassist Victoria De Angelis, creating a fun and engaging track. 

Even though fans are familiar with the song “THE DRIVER,” the studio version allows for a closer look at the intricacies of music production and background vocals. Thomas Raggi’s formidable guitar skills are highlighted throughout long intervals, further underscoring the central theme of ups and downs in love. 

“TRASTEVERE” is another song that has been performed live prior to its release. The song delves deep into personal ideas and connections that the band has. It was written in Trastevere, the band’s Roman hometown. The intimate story behind the song translates into the production as it retains the raw feel and emotions.

The rest of the album strikes a balance between captivating lyrics and dynamic musicality. The remaining 18 songs include tracks in both English and Italian, staying connected to the group’s roots and influences. Overall, the album encompasses feelings of an all-consuming love, exploring both the positives and the toxicities in a relationship. 

“RUSH! (ARE U COMING?)” is an ideal example of new-age rock by taking listeners on a journey through various ballads, rock hits and dance numbers while simultaneously highlighting the band’s musical prowess.

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