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Spotify utilizes generative artificial intelligence for new daylist feature

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Spotify, the world’s biggest music streaming platform, recently introduced new features to enhance consumer engagement and improve user listening experience. The company is well known for its personalization and curation in aspects like the daily mixes, the yearly Wrapped or the unique playlists based on listening history.

Spotify debuted a beta testing feature earlier this year called DJ. The new feature relies on artificial intelligence to collect data on a user to accurately choose music and play songs similar to their musical preferences.

The curated mix includes commentary about artists and songs delivered by a realistic human voice emphasizing the idea of having a pocket-sized DJ. Generative AI, a technology used in popular platforms like ChatGPT, has been harnessed by Spotify and its music editors to provide users with facts and information on music and artists.

The introduction of DJ makes listening easier because users don’t have to spend time building a playlist and can easily navigate between different listening moods by clicking the DJ icon to reset. This feature adds dimension to Spotify’s personalization technology and creates a fun new user experience.

Spotify launched another feature in early September called Daylist.” Daylist is a dynamic playlist that uses periodic updates to adjust a user’s mood and listening habits. It sums up a user’s day in a playlist hence its name.

The playlist relies on AI to reflect a user’s listening desires at a particular time. The playlist curation coupled with the aesthetics surrounding the feature enhances the user experience.

“This new, one-of-a-kind playlist on Spotify ebbs and flows with unique vibes, bringing together the niche music and microgenres,” Spotify said.

It introduces users to new songs and artists reflecting their music choices.

The ever-changing playlist includes catchy titles with each update and a different cover photo indicating the time of day. The titles for each update include the day and time along with the general mood and type of music within the playlist.

In theory, a daylist with the name “acceptance comforting Sunday night” would feature songs that Spotify characterizes under buzzwords such as: “emotional,” “kindness,” “delicate” and “songwriting.”

The color scheme for each cover also changes with time, the mornings have a yellow-blue aura which fades into an orange-pink color by sundown and finally culminates in a moonlit style for the night.

Daylist is available to both free and premium users within select countries for beta testing. Daylist is currently available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and a few other countries with plans to go global soon.

The feature is becoming increasingly popular largely due to the share feature which has three different share-card options to express a user’s choice and interests. The range of sharing options allows users to post their daylist in a variety of ways and increase the popularity surrounding the Spotify feature.

Spotify has introduced innovative technologies and major developments to the streaming world and remains a forefront in this industry.

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