Actuarial science majors advance skills with BASS

Shahram Rahman

The Baruch Actuarial Science Society is a professional student organization at Baruch College that seeks to support those that are interested in pursuing an actuarial science career through providing various academic and professional resources.

Actuarial science is a field of study relating to the application of mathematics and statistics in calculating the risk in insurance, finance, and other industries or professions.

The main purpose of BASS is to inform students about the major of actuarial science and about what students need in order to succeed in the field, according to Dealo McKellar, a junior member of the organization.

In BASS, workshops are provided to assist actuarial science major students with their basic technical, interview and networking skills, explains Jamie Zheng, assistant vice president of public relations in the organization.

“It’s a resource club for students who are majoring in actuarial science or any other actuarial major students,” Zheng said. “We give them knowledge of insurance industries, and we also provide them with exam materials so they can study for the actuarial science exam.”

Members get the chance to attend meetings ranging from interview and résumé workshops to information sessions regarding actuarial science topics, such as insurance and IPOs.

McKellar mentioned that there are usually “presentations about what classes to take and which coding languages you need to use.” Through these presentations, members prepare themselves to attain jobs in actuarial science.

Many actuarial science companies, such as life and health insurance companies and actuarial consenting services, come to campus to present themselves to BASS members and tell them what they are all about.

McKellar added on by saying that such companies also accept résumés from job-seeking students. This allows actuarial science majors to get a first look at what a potential career could be like.

Another fundamental fact of the organization is the many connections that it has.

“Many of our alumni already work in industries in this field, so they would want to come and network with people who are in the position of who they want to become in the future,” Zheng said.

This connection between BASS alumni and current members seems to show that networking is an equally important factor that really “makes” BASS.

McKellar said that what is unique about BASS is that compared to other clubs, it’s more “career-oriented,” since its objective is to “promote the major of actuarial science,” according to Zheng.

BASS is not only open to people with an interest in actuarial science, but also to the many math majors who might be curious about that field.

Through its workshops, meetings and activities, BASS has proven to receive recognition in a multitude of ways, adding on to the richness that all clubs in Baruch have.