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Republicans fight for Biden’s impeachment is not strong

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Despite the Republican Party announcement regarding their support for President Joe Biden’s impeachment, their case is not strong enough because there is a lack of evidence of signs of impropriety regarding Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy supported a formal impeachment inquiry on the president, citing arguments of foreign business dealings and corruption.McCarthy said that opening up an impeachment case would allow House committees to gather the necessary information for the American public.

According to The New York Times, McCarthy accused the current president of creating a “picture of a culture of corruption.”

“These are allegations of abuse of power, obstruction and corruption and warrant further investigation by the House of Representatives,” McCarthy told reporters.

The Republican Party accuses Biden and his son of profiting from foreign businesses while he was serving as vice president during the Obama administration.

The idea of an impeachment inquiry against Biden is a clear and politically-motivated move from the Republican side of Congress.

McCarthy’s push for an impeachment inquiry is not an idea of his own accord. McCarthy has reportedly faced intense scrutiny from his fellow GOP colleagues over the idea of impeachment, including Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, who alluded to the concept of a motion to oust the president.

Republicans are going after the wrong Biden. The target of a political consequence should be on Hunter Biden. The issue is that the president’s son is not in any political office, so Republicans cannot go after him directly.

Hunter Biden is not untouchable in the eyes of the law. He has been the subject of several investigations over the last few years. However, none of the evidence produced by the inquiry can back up McCarthy’s impeachment argument.

Moreover, modern-day politicians on both sides of the political aisle are failing to realize how the strategy of impeachment negatively affects the American people. The case for impeachment against Biden is not concrete and may backfire on Republicans in the future election cycle.

The Republican’s argument for impeachment over abuse of power should be deemed hypocritical. Additionally, it should be considered invalid because he did not seek a total house vote, which would have been needed for an impeachment inquiry launch.

The hypocrisy stems from back in 2021, shortly after the Jan. 6 insurrection when McCarthy deemed Trump responsible for the capitol riot but did not vote on impeachment. McCarthy later stated that impeaching Trump would “fan the flames of partisan division.”

Impeachment should not be used as a political means to address policy disagreements, nor should it be used for personal vendettas. The concept of impeachment for those in political office is to hold them accountable for actual crimes.

It is a constitutional remedy intended for cases of egregious wrongdoing and there is no compelling evidence to suggest that the president has engaged in misconduct.

As the nation moves forward, the American government must prioritize the principles of fairness, due process and the rule of law when considering serious and consequential actions such as impeachment.

Republicans used the recent news regarding Hunter Biden’s federal indictment over false statements and gun charges, in addition to his numerous other federally led investigations, as an opportunity to paint President Biden and his administration as a corrupt group of representatives.

However, their false narrative push will backfire in the long run.

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