Gamers find community in E-Sports Association

Pixabay | Pexels

Pixabay | Pexels

Yasmeen Persaud

Baruch College’s E-Sports Association does not disappoint when it comes to online gaming from “Fortnite” to “League of Legends.”

The E-Sports Association focuses on the competitive and fun spirit of online gaming, with members actively interacting with each other to create an enriching experience both in and out of the college environment.

“We’re a pretty chill, laid back club and we do networking events as well,” stated President Cindy Chen. “Gaming companies have reached out to us for job opportunities or just like anything in general for like a partnership or co-sponsorship, and it just shows how much E-Sports is growing in general because of these collaborations.”

The E-Sports Association has organized various events tailored to the interests of gamers and has even found interesting ways to make freshmen feel more knowledgeable and accepted. An event hosted last year had students participate in a jeopardy-themed game to learn more about the club.

“I really like that the club is accepting of the variety of games we dabble in no matter how often we play them,” Vice President Katie Yang said. “My favorite memory was the “Smash Ultimate” tournament we hosted in the spring because everyone was hyped, cheery and respectful to all of the competitors no matter their performance.”

Additionally, E-Sports allows for students to compete in college tournaments hosted by the Collegiate Star League. Baruch ranks number five in the top 10 schools, and secured a championship spot last year, according to CSL’s official website.

“Gaming is something that connects everyone in a way which holds a lot of meaning for me,” Chen added.

The head of the marketing and events committee, Matias Araya, described a positive domino effect that occurred for himself and others since joining the club. “I like how my passion for involving myself in the club, of course with the help of others,  came with actual good results,” he said. 

Gaming companies have reached out to us for job opportunities,
— Cindy Chen

Araya also credits the club for helping him in making friends along the journey of college. Just like the number of members in the club, the E-Sports industry is expected to grow exponentially within the next few years. The market revenue for the industry is expected to increase to $1.79 billion by 2022, Statista reports.

“There was like a stereotype that gamers stay home and do nothing productive but now, that image has changed because gaming is even as serious as the Olympics in a way because there’s teamwork and practice and you have to do your best to reach to the top,” Chen stated.