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Many people aspire to learn more about business and ways to save, invest and generate income. However, the lack of knowledge can become a problem and impede one from learning about the most useful and latest business news.

One of the best ways to acquire knowledge and keep up with interesting business news is through subscribing to e-newsletters. 

E-newsletters are one of the easiest and most accessible ways to enhance one’s understanding of the business field. 

They are a compilation of information, tips and ideas from great experts which usually designed to be are fun to read. One can get the latest business, economics and finance news with only scrolling through a newsletter.

Some of the most subscribed business e-newsletters include Start in the South, Morning Brew, The Hustle, Saas Weekly and Lean Luxe. Each of these constitutes significant information that can be extremely beneficial to the readers and help them learn more.

Start in the South is a great source of information by acclaimed startup founders who focus mainly on starting companies in lesser-known places, according to Forbes. 

Even more so, the news takes only five minutes to read, allowing the readers to save time. Despite the quick read, readers are usually able to take away something from an e-newsletter due to the valuable content. 

The topics range from advice on opening up start-ups to facts and myths about entrepreneurs and also the latest updates on various industries.

The Hustle is a daily e-newsletter that provides current news on technology, business and culture, and it usually contains a different format on weekdays and weekends for news. 

On weekdays, the e-newsletter consists of information about three-to-five topics that are business-realted. On the weekends, it usually delves into a single topic about entrepreneurs or even the latest technological updates. 

The Hustle succeeds to present  amusing and engaging stories for the readers most of the time. 

Another pro of this particular e-newsletter is that it hosts live events where one can attend and learn about starting or growing a business. In addition, these events are a useful tool for aspiring investors and founders.

Morning Brew is a well-known e-newsletter that many young professionals are subscribed to in order to stay informed daily. 

It succeeds at summarizing the important financial and economic news from the day before being combined with stock market values. They deliver their content in a humorous way that makes it easy to read and digest the information. 

The unique thing about Morning Brew is that it contains a riddle at the end of each e-newsletter, stimulating one’s mind to practice and think more. 

With over 1.5 million subscribers, the e-newsletter engages its readers wit its easy-to-read topics as well as a newly released podcast on Spotify.

Saas Weekly is a weekly newsletter containing different sections with content based on a reader’s interest. 

The e-newsletter is very well organized in terms of page structure. It ranges from topics about product and marketing growth to ideas to grow businesses. 

The body content is detailed and displays lots of images and visual representations to describe information in detail.

Finally, Lean Luxe is a luxury brand oriented e-newsletter that talks about many mainstream luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Cuyana. 

This e-newsletter is different from many other business newsletters mainly because of the specific industrial focus and the target audience being readers who are looking to know how different brands affect consumerism. 

The e-newsletter is sent out three times a week, informing the readers about the latest news from luxury brands. It is one of the neatest and organized newsletters with a great emphasis on the color scheme for the readers to continue reading.

Overall, getting a dozen daily e-newsletters stacked up can make an inbox look overwhelming and clutted.

However, subscribing to a business e-newsletter tailored to the area of interest can make it highly practical to get useful news and information relevant to one’s own interests.

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