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“One Piece”  episode one is an awesome start to the live-action series

Screenshot from One Piece trailer | Netflix

When Netflix announced that a live-action series of “One Piece” was in development, the idea was met with extreme criticism by many die-hard fans.  The best-selling shonen anime and manga has had a place in fans’ hearts for more than two decades. Netflix received criticism in the past for its lackluster liveaction adaptations of anime such as “Fullmetal Alchemist” and “Cowboy Bebop,”  but the Netflix anime curse may have finally been broken with the live action “One Piece”.

“One Piece” centers on Monkey D. Luffy and his crew, the Straw Hat Pirates, on a quest to find the titular treasure.

Episode one fills viewers in on the backstory of the One Piece. The Marines, who serve as one of the antagonistic groups in the series, are at the call of the World Government and have been aiming to keep people away from the pirates they see as villainous.

The scene later shows Gold Roger, the proclaimed “King of Pirates”, captured by the Marines and sent to be executed in front of a large crowd of spectators.

Shortly before his execution, Roger announces that his seemingly vast collection of riches is somewhere out in the big blue sea, sending spectators on a treasure hunt. This moment ushers in what “One Piece” fans would come to know as the Great Pirate Era.

Enter Luffy, the energetic, hyperactive pirate who has a dream of becoming the King of the Pirates.

Inaki Godoy, who portrays the protagonist, manages to capture Luffy’s energetic persona. In the first episode, Luffy, much like his anime counterpart, seems to be a walking magnet for trouble. It is understandable why the series creator and manga artist Eiichiro Oda hand picked him for the role.

In the episode, Luffy manages to inspire and befriend a young boy named Koby, encounters Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro and con artist Nami.

Their circumstances bring the three together and they initially struggle to get along. Somehow, Luffy believes that he has found the perfect members for his crew.

Many fans have lovingly dissected the performances of the “One Piece” cast and commended the series’ casting choices. While Godoy’s portrayal of Luffy is likable and charismatic, Mackenyu Maeda, who portrays Zoro, does an amazing job at playing the green-haired pirate hunter.

Episode one effectively provides a showcase for the main characters, as their personalities shine through each scene.

While the series has its positive factors, there are aspects that cannot go unnoticed, like the Straw Hat Pirates origin story. Their story is accurate for the most part, but there were changes.

Episode one of “One Piece” puts the eight-episode series off to a surprisingly great start. The show exudes the essence of what makes the long-running anime series and seemingly endless manga watchable and enjoyable.

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