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Finding the perfect jacket for a fashionable fall isn’t a hard task

Joel C. Bautista | The Ticker
Joel C. Bautista | The Ticker

We all know that the weather can be confusing at this time of  year. You wake up, it’s winter. By noon, it’s summer. Late afternoon brings fall and by the time night rolls around, it’s winter again. How do you dress for all the seasons in one day?

Here are some jackets that I swear by for these weird fall days. First is the windbreaker, a very thin jacket that is mostly worn to keep the wind out.

It provides some warmth against the early morning chill, but not enough that you can’t wear it for the rest of the day too.

They can be in neutral colors or add a pop of color to your outfit. I have a pastel yellow one that is perfect for fall weather with a hood rolled into the collar. And if it does get too hot to wear, windbreakers are so light and thin that you can roll them up and they will take up minimal space in your bag and add no weight.

Another good option is a blazer. This may sound formal, but blazers are actually making an informal comeback. 

For example, if you wear one with a t-shirt underneath and a pair of jeans, it won’t look like you work on Wall Street, but you will still look very trendy. 

Also, it provides warmth for the mornings and when you get hot, take your arms out of it and just wear it on your shoulders, or swing it over your shoulder. 

Oversized blazers are in, making the look all the more casual and cool.

Trench coats are also always a good move. The great thing about them is that they go with everything because they’re typically beige and they’re light, so no bulk. 

Trench coats will make any look instantly more polished. They’re definitely on the more professional side, so if that’s what you want, a trench is your jacket.

Moto jackets are also in right now. Whether its black, Sherpa-lined, a bright color, leather, suede, oversized or cropped, they add some warmth without taking away from the rest of your outfit. In fact, they make any outfit better, adding a little bit of edge and personality.

Bomber jackets are also a favorite of many people, especially because they come in literally every pattern and color imaginable. 

I have about three different bomber jackets, each of which is completely different from the next. They’re super lightweight and are a great alternative to sweaters if you want something you can take off when the sun shines too brightly on you.

Another one of my favorites is the faux fur or Sherpa teddy jacket. These offer a little more warmth than the others, so they’re perfect if you get cold easily. They’re insanely cozy and soft. A warning though, they might make you want to nap in class! They also come in cropped and oversized, depending on your preference. I love oversized everything because it’s so cozy to practically be drowning in fabric that you can just wrap yourself up in and beat the chill.

Whatever your preference, I have at least one of each, there is a fall jacket for you somewhere out there! 

All of the above-mentioned jackets are in style right now, so don’t be afraid to buy one or two or three! Stay true to your personality and your individual style, and I guarantee you will feel happy and comfortable in anything you wear.

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