Farewell letter from USG’s president


Courtesy of Laiba Hussain

Laiba Hussain

As a first-year student, I never expected to experience the surge of student life found at Baruch College. I mean this not only in terms of the school itself, but also in regard to the people who I have met throughout my time here.

I am truly grateful to have served as your president. For those who I have not met in person, I wish you the best of luck in both your present and future endeavors.

Success is not something that can be reduced to a metric value, however, I firmly believe that the scale was broken this year. For far too long, the pandemic trapped so many talents behind a screen, but since returning to in person, learning has flourished like never before.

It’s safe to say that Baruch’s students killed it this year, from The Ticker going back in print and various clubs and organizations hosting events with huge turnouts, to WBMB’s Spring Fling concert and many more successes during both terms.

I would also like to dedicate space to thank my team at the Undergraduate Student Government, who have worked tirelessly this year to serve the best interests of our fellow Bearcats.

This has been a groundbreaking year for USG, recovering events that we had thought were long extinct, such as Bash and Bearcats on Ice.

USG also persevered in fighting for a Free CUNY, budgeting and chartering new clubs on campus, hosting showstopping events and so on. This table has been like no other, and I am confident that our successors will lead Baruch into an era even more amazing than this one.

This school year holds a special place in my heart because I feel as if we were able to recover something that was lost. The Baruch class of 2023 was the first set of Bearcats affected by the remote move while in their sophomore year nearly three years ago.

In the past year alone, a sense of normalcy was restored to our hallways. Rather than remaining empty, the laughter and chatter that once resounded throughout the campus and the library once again characterized the Baruch community.

Although things will never be exactly as they were before the pandemic, I can proudly say that we have achieved a wonderful, new sense of normal at Baruch. Whether it be through event planning, publishing works on campus or rallying with fellow students, this year has proved that the average Baruch student is anything but average.

It has been an absolute honor to have witnessed this critical part of Baruch history, and I thank you all for playing a part in it.