Flatiron Freeze: How to save on frozen treats as a student

Kadija Abdoulaye

As the summer heat draws nearer, students can take solace in knowing there are several affordable options for frozen treats near the Baruch College campus to keep them cool.

Whether one is in the mood for a classic scoop of ice cream, gelato or a frozen beverage, there’s something for everyone. The Ticker has scoured the Flatiron District to bring a curated list of places for students to indulge in a frozen treat — without overspending.

M&M Gourmet Deli and Grill on East 23rd Street offers a decent selection of Häagen-Dazs ice creams. The store plans to expand its stock of frozen desserts.

“As summer approaches, we plan to have more in stock for our customers,” Abdul Eddy, the store manager, told The Ticker. “I made a big order last week. It should be arriving soon.”

Baskin-Robbins is a go-to destination for students. At the East 26th Street and Third Avenue location, students can enjoy ice cream cones, sundaes and sorbets while taking advantage of a 10% student discount. 

Students can expect to spend between $2 and $5 on a soft serve or cone and also benefit from the Baskin-Robbins app, which offers a free scoop of ice cream for every new sign-up.

Van Leeuwen’s array of artisanal ice cream flavors includes vegan options made with creamy cashews and coconut milk. 

At the East Seventh Street location, students can indulge in an ice cream cone or cup starting at $5, with the added benefit of a 10% student discount. Van Leeuwen also provides bundled deals, such as its “Mix & Match 6 Pack” deal.

16 Handles, a popular self-serve frozen yogurt store, is perfect for students who enjoy creating their own frozen desserts. 

Options include unique flavors like “Cookie Monster” and “Salted Caramel Pretzel,” along with toppings such as fresh fruit, candy and nuts. 16 Handles also provides dairy-free and vegan-friendly sorbet options for students with dietary restrictions. 

Prices for a self-serve cup typically range from 55 cents to 75 cents per ounce, not including their 10% student discount, giving students control over the portion size and cost of their dessert.

D’Agostino Supermarket, located across the street from Baruch, offers a rewards program with the “DAG CARD.” 

“We offer a 10% discount just for students,” Wendell Rodriguez, the assistant manager, told The Ticker. “Just sign up for a card, add your name and number and list that you are a student. You get the discount even if the item is on sale or not. Students can save not only on ice cream, but any grocery purchases.”

Kaylee’s Creamery, Ralph’s Famous Italian Ices and Dippin’ Dots do not offer student discounts, but they boast a variety of frozen desserts. 

Kaylee’s Creamery has 30 different flavors of ice cream, while Ralph’s Famous Italian Ices offers classic Italian ice flavors, like lemon, cherry and blue raspberry.

Dippin’ Dots serves its signature frozen dessert made with tiny beads of ice cream.

Tipsy Scoop is a new-concept shop in the Flatiron District that serves alcohol-infused ice cream. Although it does not offer a student discount, unique flavors are released every week. The “Bahama Mama” and “Don Julio” flavors are highly recommended by the store’s staff.