Wall Street Journal gives Baruch No. 6 ranking


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Hande Erkan

The Wall Street Journal ranked Baruch College as No. 6 “Best Colleges for Your Dream Career in Finance,” among public institutions nationwide.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Baruch graduates make over $14,000 more yearly, contrasted to the median earnings.

The Wall Street Journal’s ranking methodology was decided by a Burning Glass Institute examination of background and wages statistics from Lightcast, a labor-market data firm, and Glassdoor, a business-ratings web page. The Burning Glass Institute calculates the effect of a school’s degree on post-graduate salaries in the financial services industry.

Based on the Burning Glass Institute’s ranking system, Baruch being in the heart of Manhattan is a game-changer when considering the location of an institute for its impact on its student’s achievements.

For every institution, a yearly compensation premium was determined utilizing the difference between the profit of the school’s alumni in their initial 10 years after graduation and the median of alumni in the industry.

To focus on graduates working in finance, the Burning Glass Institute studied only the careers relevant to the occupation as arranged by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Standard Occupational Classification codes and the U.S. Census Bureau’s North American Industry Classification System.

“Colleges in and around New York City tend to function as channels for students to take internships and then full-time jobs at banks, private-equity shops, hedge funds or other financial firms,” Matt Sigelman, President of Burning Glass Institute, said.

Fundamentally, the current ranking is refers to the end-results of students after graduation owed to the college’s overall contribution to academics, resources and critical skills that are necessary to utilize in the financial sector.

Baruch recently has led in high profile rankings and was also currently recognized as owning the #1 master’s program in the world for Financial Engineering by Risk.net, an expert and a reliable publication for Wall Street employment services.