USG charters the final batch of clubs for 2023-2024

Marziya Hasan, Copy Editor

Baruch College’s Undergraduate Student Government met for its 12th senate meeting of the spring 2023 semester on May 9.

The meeting began with Treasurer Julie Margolin giving a report about the USG budget for the past year.

The final programming budget after a surplus request was $356,771. Currently, there is $55,986.46 remaining because they didn’t receive large food orders for their events and some events had to be canceled.

Margolin also shared that currently USG processed a little more than 800 club reimbursements and they could go up to 1,000.

She reminded club members present that all reimbursement paperwork is due no later than May 30 at 11:59 p.m.

Chair of Clubs & Organizations Jessica Yauri presented the last batch of clubs to be chartered.

First, Good E.A.T.S. introduced themselves and their club. Their president said that Baruch is a diverse college, and they want to create a space for everyone to socialize.

As their club specializes in a variety of foods, they ordered bubble tea and played charades during their first general interest meeting.

The  . They also spent a little more than $100 on each event.

The motion to charter the club passed 17-0-0.

Next, Baruch’s MENA Society presented. MENA, or Middle Eastern & North African, Society is a club for students from those regions to socialize with each other and for non-MENA students to get to know their cultures.

The club currently has more than 100 members and their events have around 60 students RSVP. The club’s requirements include following their social media accounts and attending two events.

The motion passed 17-0-0.

Bonus Room introduced itself next as a financial literacy and financial planning club.

They require members to attend events and have a passion for personal finance and financial literacy.

The motion passed 17-0-0.

Baruch Dance Club presented next. President Brianna Owens said the club was created after the previous dance club at Baruch retired.

They want to bring dancers at Baruch together to learn and perform various dance routines alongside expanding their music taste and learning from other cultures’ music and dance.

They hope to collaborate with clubs such as Lexington Music and Filipinos Uniting Students in Other Nations.

Margolin let club members know that they wouldn’t be able to buy costumes for performances using Baruch money and that the previous club had to fundraise for them.

The motion passed 17-0-0.

Next, the New Media Arts Club presented. They shared that although Baruch is known for specializing in finance and business, they wanted to create a space for students with interests in media arts.

The motion to charter the club passed 17-0-0.