Inside Baruch Basketball: A Captain’s Take on This Season


Jehmehl Fair | Baruch Athletics

Ma-Nogoy Faye, Business Manager

The Baruch Men’s Basketball team had an outstanding season of 12-2, winning their second consecutive championship, and their third in four years. As a fan of the team, I attended several regular-season games, including the highly anticipated “Battle of Lex” game against Hunter College, which the Bearcats won with a final score of 129-85.

As a member of the Ticker, I also had the opportunity to sit down with team captain Jehmel Fair to discuss the season’s highs and lows and gain more profound insight into the world of Bearcat basketball. Our conversation gave me a more profound understanding of what it takes to be a successful player on this winning team.

According to Fair, the success of the team this season can be attributed to their biggest strength, which was their team chemistry on and off the court, along with their squad depth. The team had two starting fives and a group of players who shared a strong bond through their love of basketball and friendship. They built this bond through their commitment to summer training, running together in the spring and even sharing meals. By utilizing their team chemistry and depth, the team was able to work together and find success on the court.

The addition of the Nicholson brothers to the team also had a tremendous impact on their success, and Fair labeled the duo as “monsters” on the court. “’Dev’ [Devin Nicholson], in particular, was noted as one of the best shooters I have ever played with, while ‘G’ [Gerald Nicholson] is a great all-around talented basketball player,” noted Fair. The Nicholson brothers brought a different element to the team that was greatly appreciated and contributed significantly to the team’s success.

On the other hand, one of the biggest challenges faced by a team this season was figuring out how to mesh together. With three seniors graduating and a whole new team to work with, the team had to figure out each person’s strengths and how they could contribute to the team’s success. It was a game of discovering the team’s rhythm and creating a cohesive unit. Despite these challenges, the team worked hard to overcome them and ultimately took home the title of CUNYAC champions.

When asked about short-term or long-term goals for the team, Fair focused on team goals rather than individual ones. He stated that their biggest hurdle was winning an NCAA game and achieving this goal would be a significant accomplishment for the team. Additionally, he mentioned that a great goal for the team would be to three-peat the CUNYAC, as “they have never won three times in a row before and doing so would make Baruch history.” By focusing on these team goals, Fair emphasized the importance of working together to achieve success, rather than individual accolades.

Finally, Fair shared the best piece of advice that he received as a basketball player, emphasizing the importance of preparation. According to him, when it comes to big games or moments in life, “it’s not just about spectacular talents or moments that will help you succeed, but rather the steps you take every day to prepare yourself for those moments.” “Preparation, the player notes, begins the moment you know something big is coming, whether it be a game or another significant event in your life.”

The Baruch College Men’s Basketball Team’s success this season was not just the result of the players’ talent and hard work, but also the camaraderie and support that they shared as a team. The message shared by Fair at the end of the interview emphasized the importance of teamwork and appreciation for all team members, regardless of their role. The success of the team was a collective effort, and this message serves as a reminder of the importance of valuing and supporting each other, both on and off the court. Their achievements this season are a testament to the power of teamwork, dedication and mutual respect, and they should be proud of their accomplishments as a team.

“Shoutout to the whole team, to all the guys, I love you all,” expressed Fair. “Despite whether you played or not, you contributed to the success of the team, and I appreciate you all.”

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