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Podcast offers simplified personal finance advice

Courtesy of FacebookShe’s the First club fundraises for and supports girls’ and womens’ causes.

“Radical Personal Finance” is a podcast series hosted by Joshua Sheats, a financial advisor. As the name indicates, the podcast aims to give personal financial advice to help the general population to save and manage their money more efficiently.

The podcast’s website states that the episodes are “dumbed-down to appeal to the masses who are generally financially illiterate.” However, the durations of the episodes are ranging from 20 minutes to over an hour. 

Even though the terms and concepts in the podcasts are simplified to an everyday conversation level, an hour-long conversation solely focusing on personal finances might not be the way to go for more general audiences.

On the other hand, the language in most episodes obviously appeals to emotion, which makes it easier for the show’s target audience to listen to the podcast for a longer period of time.

In the episode “How to Prepare for the Coming Recession,” Sheats says, “You may not remember the depth and pain of the most recent recession. Because, perhaps for you, it was not a deeply painful experience. 

But, it [recession] was a deeply painful experience for many millions of people, and recession hurt. People get hurt during the times of bad economics.” 

This is a very simple, yet powerful tone.

“Radical Personal Finance” has over 600 episodes with a tradition of live Q&A sessions on Fridays to discuss any topic the listeners want to hear about. Almost all of the episodes tackle issues about personal finances, yet there are some exceptions to this rule. 

In an episode, “How to Find an Excellent Wife: The Preparation,” Sheats is giving advice about finding a wife as if he is giving advice to his son, especially to young men according to the host himself. 

Fortunately, there are not many episodes that go beyond financial advice. These expections do not reflect the podcast’s approach as a whole. It should be kept in mind that some episodes of “Radical Personal Finance” are fairly long. 

However, some of them have the perfect tolerable duration to listen to a host give advice about what to do with your money in one sitting. 

People hoping to skip the chit-chat and get to the point may want to avoid the longer episodes and stick with the shorter ones for personal finance advice.

However, overall, the podcast does suggest many practical ways to deal with issues concerning personal finances and gives not-so-radical advice.

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