Bearcats reconnect with childhood at first-ever USG ‘Build a Bernie’ event

Maya Demchak-Gottlieb, Editor-In-Chief

Baruch College students stuffed and stitched their own Baruch-themed teddy bears at the Undergraduate Student Government’s Build a Bernie event.

Students lined up around the hallway outside the William and Anita Newman Vertical Campus’s former bookstore space, clamoring for a spot in the sold-out event.

RSVP spots filled up before the event commenced during club hours on May 2.

“I think everyone wanted the bear,” said Anmol Kaur, a USG Representative Sen. for 2023-2024.

“[The event] was huge,” Kaur said. “Actually, people wanted to go so badly that they were like trying to sneak in and stuff like and our RSVP filled out super quickly.”

Students had access to a photo booth provided by Sweet Booths, where they snapped photos with unique teddy-bear-themed templates.

Kaur, who is a senior, said her photos will allow her to look back on the event post-graduation.

“Especially since I got to use the photo booth,” she said. “With the photo booth, I got to take pictures with my friends.”

Attendees also dined on cookies and bubble tea from Spot Dessert Bar.

Karen Guanga said they got the idea for the event from seeing a similar event on TikTok.

“One of my vice chairs, Adriana Cuca, sent me a TikTok about this private college doing a portable Build-a-Bear event, and I was like that’s pretty cool,” Guanga said. “I emailed the corporation, and they got back to me pretty quick, and it was just all smooth sailing from there.”

USG began planning the event in January.

Students filed paperwork, got the Baruch graphic on shirts for the bears and deliberated over which bears to order for the event.

In between waves of students, Guanga said she enjoyed having the opportunity to make her own bear.

“I snuck myself in when it was a less chaotic time, but I think everyone enjoyed it,” she said. “I remember going around the library and seeing that everyone had their box.”

Guanga said events like the Build a Bernie create a sense of connectivity on campus, one of USG’s key goals for the upcoming semester.

“I set aside a space in the bookstore, like just for sitting down and socializing, because I think that’s one of the main parts of what we’re trying to bring back social life and make sure that people have friends,” she said.

She said she wants to ensure the Baruch community benefits from events.

“I met all of my friends through all these club events, and I think giving everyone else the same experience is what we are here for,” she said.