Speedy Recap: The Flash Season 9, Episode 9



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Jahlil Rush, Production Assistant

CW’s “The Flash” returned from a two-week hiatus with the final stretch of episodes, and episode nine did not disappoint fans with fan favorite reappearances and proper storyline.

As Barry Allen celebrates his 30th birthday once again, his friends join in on the party only for it to be crashed by an old enemy with an ax to grind from season six.

The highly anticipated episode titled “It’s My Party and I’ll Die if I Want To” featured the final superhero crossover on the hit CW series comprising of Oliver Queen aka the Green Arrow, Wally West,and John Diggle, the Spartan.

The episode begins with Team Flash and friends celebrating with Diggle giving Queen’s bow as a birthday gift to Allen, which was recovered from the merging of universes at the end of “Crisis on Infinite Earths.”

In that same scene, Bloodwork crashes Allen’s party by poisoning the guests, leaving Allen and his fellow speedster brother-in-law, Wally West, the only ones unaffected.

Throughout the episode, Bloodwork gradually reveals his plan to use West’s newfound ability to project his consciousness into other timelines, later revealed to be other earths, and infect other worlds.

Using his powers, Bloodwork traps Allen and West within their nightmarish mental prisons, forcing West to confront demons from his past, his deceased mother and a haunting of her past addiction.

Chester Runk had faked passing out since he didn’t drink during the party. When he is chased by the fallen heroes, who are controlled by Bloodwork, he goes into a safe room within S.T.A.R. Labs. A mind-controlled Allegra is able to get through and taunts him as Bloodwork’s other minions try to break in.

Later on, Bloodwork proposes a deal with West to unlock his full power if they team up. As both Allen and West awaken, West believes himself to be under Bloodwork’s control and murders Allen by vibrating his hand through his body.

Allen finds himself waking up in an afterlife version of Lian Yu where he reunites with Queen, who is aware of the situation due to the cosmic awareness he gained from the Specter. After giving Allen his signature pep talk, Queen brings Allen back to life and appears by his side for one final team up between The Flash and Green Arrow.

A confrontation ensues between Queen, Bloodwork and his army. Meanwhile, Allen tries to talk West back to his senses as they race around Central City. Having successfully saved West, Flash and Kid Flash set out to rescue the multiverse.

Khione rescues Runk and purges Bloodwork’s influence from Diggle, allowing him to partner up with Queen before Green Arrow neutralizes Bloodwork’s presence in the multiverse by nullifying his powers.

After the final showdown, Queen catches up with Diggle and has a proper goodbye with his longtime friend, one he hadn’t been afforded previously.

After the party, Ollie and Allen have a conversation over drinks at a local bar.

Allen asks Queen if his superhero career is “doing enough” with his powers.

“Do you give people hope? Are you moving through your city like a guardian angel? Do you make a difference?” Queen replies, referencing an exchange they had in the very first episode.

“That bolt of lightning chose you,” he reminds Allen. “Don’t ever forget it.”