Farewell letter from USG’s executive vice president


Courtesy of Osvaldo Garcia

Osvaldo Garcia

Hello Bearcats,

It feels bittersweet to write this final letter as your executive vice president and a Baruch College student.

Thank you all for letting me serve as your Executive Vice President for 2022-2023; it has been an incredible experience.

Our goal for this year was to bring back our wonderful student life after two years of quarantining and COVID-19 guideline restrictions.

I am happy to say that we have accomplished this goal; student life is back at Baruch!

It is fantastic to see our events, such as Bearcats on Ice, Leadership Weekend, Student vs. Faculty, Bash and more, return to Baruch.

Some memories the Undergraduate Student Government helped students make include skating at Rockefeller Center, dunking on their professor in a basketball game and dancing at a rooftop nightclub.

Our clubs and organizations have created extraordinary events such as Ms. Asia, Fear Factor, Uno Tournaments, Mock Wedding, Carnival, professional panels and HQ visits. I cannot wait to see what comes next year.

Seeing many events and initiatives come to fruition helped me come to terms with the college experiences my peers and I lost out on in the spring of 2020 and made my senior year one to remember.

While there were many achievements, this year also presented multiple obstacles that tested my leadership skills.

But I learned to follow my heart and gut and continuously lead with compassion and care.

It will be strange to leave USG and Baruch College behind me since USG has been a massive part of my college experience these past few years.

The transition is nerve-wracking but also exhilarating; I will find new adventures and discover new parts and identities about myself that I never knew existed.

Thank you to all the incredible student leaders before me. I am lucky to have been mentored and supported by various wonderful people throughout my time at Baruch.

I want to give one final thank you to my executive board, vice presidents, chairs and outstanding senators.

Their ambitions, love and care have continued to push me forward throughout the year, and leading this organization has been the experience of a lifetime.

The best thing about being in this position is building a legacy for the next generation of student leaders within USG and beyond.

It has been incredible to mentor and advise our future student leaders and witness their remarkable growth and passion.

Baruch is in great hands, and I am excited to see what the future holds. It is time for me to pass the baton to you!

Congratulations to the Class of 2023, and a final good luck to our Baruch Bearcats!