‘All of Those Voices’: an intimate view into the life of Louis Tomlinson


Screenshot from ‘All of Those Voices’ Trailer | YouTube

Khushi Gupta

“All of Those Voices,” a documentary on the life of One Direction member Louis Tomlinson released in select theaters on March 22.

The 31-year-old singer from Doncaster, England rose to fame as a member of what is arguably the world’s biggest boyband, One Direction. The film takes an inside look at Tomlinson’s life and his journey as an artist. It explores grief, insecurity, fame, accomplishments, fatherhood, imposter syndrome and, most importantly, success — attributed to the support of his fans.

A major mark of the film is Charlie Lightening’s direction, capturing the everyday moments of Tomlinson’s life and showcasing it to the audience. It offered

a closer view of Tomlinson’s career and personal life, featuring never-before-seen footage, including behind the scenes videos of his time in One Direction and on his recent world tour.

The name of the documentary is also significant, a partial lyric pulled directly from the lead single “Bigger Than Me” off of Tomlinson’s second studio album “Faith In The Future.”

“We thought ‘all of those voices’ works on many levels,” Lightening said in an interview with WhyNow.

“It’s all of those voices in his head, all of the voices that have said ‘you can’t do it,’ or ‘you’re not good enough.’ It’s also all of those voices of the audience in the crowds who’ve lifted him up.”

The film includes interviews of family and friends, who are introduced through captions stating “the voice of” before their names, tying into the titular theme.

The documentary portrays both the downfalls and the successes of his life. It is a far cry from a typical celebrity documentary as the film offers a rawer and more intimate look into the superstar’s life as opposed to the glitz and glamor.

The central motive wasn’t simply to create a film that fans can enjoy.

“It was really important to make a film that if someone who isn’t a big fan put it on, they’d think, ‘Wow, he’s a cool guy,’” Lightening said. The portrayal of Tomlinson as a down-to-earth individual helps him seem more relatable to audiences.

The documentary does a great job at covering the star’s 12-year journey but also highlights all the choices that led Tomlinson to his career path. It covers both the personal and professional, including unseens from his childhood and his career. The documentary shares his struggles with the death of his mom and sister while also showcasing precious moments with his son. Tomlinson unveils his fears around the time One Direction took a hiatus and the impact it had on his ability to pursue a solo career.

He recounts feeling disheartened by his postponed tour in 2020. The only available option was to host a livestream, which amassed over 160,000 tickets sold, making Louis Tomlinson a Guinness World Record holder for most tickets sold for a live-streamed concert by a solo male artist.

Tomlinson has often expressed the gratitude he has for his fans and the immense connection he feels with them. The archival footage showcasing fan interviews and interactions aid the audience in understanding the bond that Tomlinson shares with his fans and the way it has helped him overcome many obstacles.

The film resonates with the audience and dives into Tomlinson’s insecurities and fears. The unfiltered interviews add to the honest connection brought throughout the film.

“All of Those Voices” offers an unvarnished view of the life of Louis Tomlinson and conveys his resilience and strength in the face of challenges.