Lexington Music holds talent competition, finishes the semester with a lively event

Judah Duke, Business Editor

Baruch College’s Lexington Music club held its last event of the semester, a laid-back music competition with adept melodic stylings, on April 20.

Music intermittently echoed through the 12th floor hall of the Newman Vertical Campus, as each curious audience member opened and closed the classroom door during the hour-long event.

From the cutthroat intensity of Peter Mikelatos’ metal guitar solo to Noah Tobing’s and Elizabeth Mata’s radiantly positive “Breaking Free” duet, the contestants put on a collectively eclectic performance to showcase their skills.

It follows suit with the club’s other events this semester; they performed at this year’s Winter Fest and held  a Valentine’s Day Soiree in February. Each included jovial renditions of popular songs with a few original ballads.

The music competition seemed different. It wasn’t held on the second floor lobby, nor an auditorium, but in the classroom the club usually meets in. It was a relaxed event where club members and other students showcased their talents for a tightly knit audience of their peers.

But the competition’s low-key atmosphere only accentuated the impressive skills of the performers.

Jack Kasindorf and Ethan Canter won first place — which came with a $100 cash prize — for their original song “Dark in the Light of the Moon.” While Canter strummed the backbone chords, Kasindorf riffed into the high notes and sang. The combined effect of the clean, arpeggiated chords created a full and warm song.

“The energy felt great in the room and it was amazing to perform with my good friend Ethan who I’ve been playing with since the age of eight,” Kasindorf said.

“It was our first time showcasing it to anyone so we were kind of nervous,” Canter said. “But once we got into it we felt good.”

The second-place prize went to Mikelatos’ performance. The volume was wonderfully ear-splintering, but nobody seemed to mind. Watching the room during his set was like looking through the window of a shop specializing in over-electrified novelty bobbleheads.

Third place winner Rullyann Dharna wowed the audience with a soulful rendition of Stephen Sanchez’s “Until I Found You” on the ukulele.

“While performing I was feeling pretty nervous and felt a bit off from allergies,” Dharna said.

“…I’m still getting used to performing alone in front of people in that way, but it makes me all the more thankful for my friends at lex music club for being supportive and encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone!”

Junior Hemda Niknam, a finance major, sang “Easy On Me” by Adele to rapturous applause.

“I have been singing ever since I can remember,” Niknam said.

Other honorable mentions include Zaki Azam’s tear-inducing melody “cold/mess” by Prateek Kuhad as well as Thayer Lewis and Rose Vega with Bôa’s “Duvet.”

“Annnd, that will be the end of all the events we have available for this semester,” Lexington Music posted on Instagram afterward. “To all the performers and audience members, thank you; you guys made this club possible.”