STARR and WIB host HSBC information session


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Sheik Floradewan | The Ticker

Sheik Floradewan

Candidates for both roles at HSBC will be taken through a number of steps, the first includes the successful completion of an online assessment that is designed to identify whether individuals have the skills required for the role and to assess their suitability for working at HSBC.

 It is possible to take the assessments at any time within a fixed number of days, as specified in the email. 

Some of the practice questions supplied should be completed before beginning and the assessments should be started only when the applicants can give them their undivided attention.

Upon completion of the assessment, students will then be able to submit their resumes for review. 

If selected they will proceed to a phone interview and then face-to-face interview which they will ask about specific occasions where applicants have demonstrated a particular skill.

Sharo emphasized to “know your strengths and be prepared to give examples of when you have demonstrated relevant skills. Focus on your role in these situations and the outcomes.”

As the long applications may seem intimidating to students who are considering applying, finance major Alicia Chu said “the assessments are the fun part — it’s making a good impression that’s kinda tricky.”

“My biggest takeaway today was to just apply when an opportunity is presented,” said Chu.

Both applications are open until December 2019.