The Kings got next


Keith Allison | Wikimedia Commons

Mandeep Karir

Many franchises in the National Basketball Association are changing. Some teams are climbing up the ladder and others are fading out. The Sacramento Kings and Golden State Warriors fall into those respective categories.

The Warriors have been known for their impressive postseason basketball for more than half a decade, winning the NBA Championship four times in the last eight seasons, but this season, they showed signs of slowing down.

The Warriors were 11-30 on the road. When it comes to their offense, Jordan Poole and Klay Thompson are two players that come to mind, but not as much as Stephen Curry.

Curry emerged as the Warriors’ leading scorer in every single playoff game so far. It is incredible that the Warriors can depend not only on Curry’s stunning performances every night, but also count on spectacular shooting performances from Poole and Thompson regularly.

Curry is the most experienced Warriors player, especially in the postseason. When it comes down to critical, late-game situations, Curry is the go-to option, but how many more years does he have left in the tank? Probably seven.

There’s one California team that is going to come out as the underdog and that is the Sacramento Kings.

Kings fans have waited 16 long NBA seasons, but this team has finally lit the beam.

First and foremost, the Coach of the Year and former Warriors assistant coach Mike Brown has done a tremendous job coaching his players. Two players—De’Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis—are noteworthy.

Fox and Sabonis together averaged just under 45 combined points per game in the regular season along with other contributions to propel the team to a 48-34 record. Translating to the postseason, the Kings came away with two big victories. Even though the Kings lost the next two games, it still puts them in a different position than they were in previous seasons.

Fans and players all over the world are in awe at the Kings’ success this season. As ESPN’s Stephen A Smith put it after the Kings’ Game 1 victory: “I have to apologize to the Kings…and I want to light the beam.”

Is this a one-off performance for the Kings? The Kings just might have taken a turn for the better. They have a great chance to win back their lead in the first round of the NBA Playoffs in Game 5.