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Wish Joe Biden a goodbye — Biden does not impress viewers in debate

Gage Skidmore | Flickr

After the third democratic debate, Joe Biden has now given credence to criticisms while adding a few new ones along the way. 

While Biden did come out swinging strong early on, he was the clear loser of the nearly three-hour debate.

The first chunk of the debate allowed the three front runners — Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Biden — to flesh out their healthcare positions. Biden bragged that he was all for Obamacare, as he drew the distinction between Warren by saying she supported Bernie in Medicare for All. 

The early attack backfired as it allowed for Warren and Sanders to tag team Biden into his first blunders of the night.

In trying to distance himself from Medicare for All, Biden shot himself in the foot as 70 percent of Americans now support the Medicare for All proposal, The Hill reported. 

In this separation, Biden demonstrated how out of touch he is with the American electorate and that the two other front runners have him beat on the major issue of healthcare. 

Then Biden made the mistake of trying the Republican talking point — “how are you going to pay for it?” 

In an attempt to make Warren say that she would raise taxes on the middle class, she retorted by pointing out that healthcare would cost less to the middle class as a result, and that the wealthy would be taxed for it. 

When Sanders was presented with the $30 trillion price tag of his Medicare for All plan, he steered right into it. 

When Sanders pointed out facts of the matter such as that Americans pay twice as much for healthcare than Canada or any other developed country, the former vice president interrupted with “This is America.” 

So what if this is America Mr. Biden? 

Just because we’re one of the wealthiest nations means that the average American should be paying twice as much as other countries for healthcare? 

Especially when those countries guarantee healthcare for all while the United States has $30 million uninsured. 

It only went downhill from there for Biden.

Julian Castro took the next jab at Biden. 

After Castro pointed out the differences between him and Biden’s plan they went into a heated back and forth in which Castro asked Biden more than once if he was forgetting what he had just said two minutes ago, which Biden did, The Washington Post reported. 

Biden got through the incarceration issue unscathed, but had an elder moment during the gun control debate when his false teeth popped out halfway through his response. 

The next bullet that Biden had to bite was on the immigration issue. 

While Biden was taking shelter behind many of Barack Obama’s popular policies, moderator Jorge Ramos masterfully pointed out that Biden voted for a border fence and has never answered the question of whether he tried to stop any of the record deportations that occurred under the Obama administration. 

When asked that question by Ramos, Biden dodged it again and Castro scored his second punch of the night by saying that Biden wants to take all the credit for Obama’s good policies and none of the blame for his bad ones. 

It is ridiculous that neither Biden nor his team have come up with a reasonable response to this question that has been presented to Biden on multiple occasions. Maybe they have and Biden just forgot. Biden’s final gaffe of the night came courtesy of moderator Linsey Davis. 

Davis pressed Biden on comments he made 40 years in regards to segregation and reparations to which his response was nonsensical rambling.

Despite being more energetic than the previous debates he tripped over his words and started to ramble incohesive answers by the end of the night. 

In what was the most substantive debate so far, it is pretty hard to say who won. No one really stood out in the debate. 

Biden was given the most time to speak and unfortunately for him it made him stand out from the rest of the candidates in the worst way. The defensive aggression Biden displayed took away from the usual “charm” that he has. 

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