The Rumored Decision is Here: Messi will choose to retire in FC Barcelona


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Alexandru Medina

Lionel Messi declined an offer to extend his stay at Paris Saint Germain FC and has reportedly been talking with Barcelona on a promising summer transfer.

His stay at PSG has been conflicting because of the atmosphere surrounding his playstyle. Fans jeer and whistle at the world class forward subtle playstyle of pass and go. However, during his time at PSG, he contributed to winning the Ligue 1 tournament, scoring 31 goals and assisting 28 times in his career at the France-based team.

Now Messi plans to move on from PSG and move back to his previous club, but not without some repercussions. Barcelona reports that they lack the funds and have two months to provide a positive revenue stream and healthy financial standing to the La Liga president in order to approve the transfer.

“We have been in contact with Leo Messi’s camp. Leo knows how much we appreciate him and I’d love for him to come back here to Barcelona,” Barcelona Vice President Rafael Yuste said.

Messi has decided to accept a significantly lower salary in hopes of coming back to his beloved club. Xavi Hernandez, Barcelona head coach, could not be any happier.

“I hope we can see him come home,” Hernandez said. “I’m the first person who would love to see the best player ever return. And it is normal that fans are excited about a ‘Last Dance’ like Michael Jordan.”

Along with the coach, the current ace at Barcelona, Robert Lewandowski, is also excited to play with the world-renowned star. Messi and Lewandowski had always butted heads playing against each other.

The Polish star played with Bayern Munich, which consistently beat Barcelona and proved to be one of the most difficult teams Messi has played against.

Lewandowski referred to this potential move as “something amazing.” He said, “I hope that next season we can play together because I know that Leo is the guy who can do something from nothing and of course we need those kinds of players, for sure.”

Current star defender of PSG FC Sergio Ramos also has a similar opinion of Messi.

“There was suffering for several years playing against Messi,” Ramos said. “I am now enjoying him. He is the best player football has ever produced.”

In addition, the captain of PSG, Kylian Mbappe, has referred to Messi as “a unique player, a legend who will go down in football history.”

Though there is high promise that Messi will return, Barcelona is required to decrease $164-$220 million in annual spending to follow La Liga economic regulations. They have two months to produce a viable revenue stream, but rumors of resigning the 35-year-old player are confirmed.