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Samsung releases three new home appliance products at IFA 2019

Niko Tavernise
Tobia Schwarz | Getty Images

Samsung’s foldable phone is not the only thing to look forward to this year. At the IFA 2019 in the Berlin City Cube, Germany, Samsung has released three new home products. The POWERstick Jet vacuum cleaner, the AirDresser and the Samsung Cube AX9500. 

The Internationale Funkausstellung, or IFA, is a public European tech show where companies display appliances for consumers . The event ran from Sept. 6 to Sept. 11.

The POWERstick Jet is a wireless vacuum cleaner that can provide the same level of power as a corded vacuum cleaner. The vacuum also has 5-layer High Efficiency Particulate Air. These specially labeled filters mean that they can trap 99.97% of particles. Samsung claims their vacuum can capture “99.999% of dust particles and allergens.” 

This increase in efficiency is likely to attract many who are seeking for the finest in the cleaning industry. The vacuum also has a replaceable battery, which provides even more versatility.   

The AirDresser is shaped like a small closet and cleans clothes for reuse. The appeal of the product is the convenience of cleaning some clothes at home instead of doing a load of laundry for a few articles of clothing. The AirDresser uses a Jet Air system to blow out any dust followed by the Jet Steam feature, which removes any bacteria. 

The dresser also uses Heat Pump Drying to dry clothing at low temperatures to negate any harmful effects like shrinkage or heat damage. To finalize the garments, the dresser has a deodorizing function that gets rid of any bad odor after cleaning. 

The Cube AX9500 is a cubic air purifier different from previous air purifiers. This air purifier does not pull air through one end and does not produce a loud sound as it functions. 

The Cube has a 3-layer system, each capturing different-sized particles in the air from pet dander to microscopic particles. Samsung also reports  that two can be stacked one on top of another because of their cubic design. 

Samsung’s claim can lead to people buying an air purifier for each room in their home. Bluetooth capabilities are included in the cubes, making them easy to manage. The main target group are likely people with breathing problems as it could help soothe their breathing difficulties. 

Through all three of these products, Samsung wants to encourage consumers to buy what they call “solutions to urban modern lifestyle” problems. 

All of the home appliances have a focus on eradicating all of the harmful bacteria or organisms found at home. This cleaning commitment plays on human’s eternal goal of approximating perfection. All of the products appeal to people pursuing better health and a quick solve to dirty clothes. 

The functionality of the products seems very productive on paper but to many, the effects might not be clear enough until use. 

The microscopic filtering is something that consumers will have to believe as they use the air purifier.

The target group of the home appliances is very broad but nevertheless focuses on urban problems. The majority of consumers could come from the United Kingdom. According to an article by CityMetric, London had a population of over 8 million in 2015. 

Samsung has chosen to solve small problems that previous companies have had with similar products which further pushes the idea of perfection in these products. Samsung is very likely to go unrivaled with its products after the healthy benefits provided by each appliance. 

Cleaning seems like a chore for many, but Samsung is willing to ease the process in this modern world. 

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