How WBMB Radio is supporting business and music students


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Muhamet Hadzibrahimi

Ever wondered where the music pulsating through Baruch’s walls comes from? The WBMB Radio club offers artists the space to express themselves freely through DJ-ing live events and Spotify playlists.

The radio station promotes itself on Instagram with weekly posts featuring upcoming events. Two production team members, Rosalia Flores and Leslie Jasmine, performed live last week as part of Baruch’s Women’s History Month celebration. Their melodic voices rang out on the second floor of the Newman Vertical Campus.

Another initiative in the radio club includes showcasing exceptional female students at Baruch through social media spotlights. Those who are interested can see their graduation year, current company of employment and club position featured on WBMB Biz’s Instagram account. The consistent effort for collaborations with other talented individuals is the driving force for WBMB.

The talent pool at the WBMB Radio club stems from the leadership of its president, Chris Clarke. As an artist and student, Chris leads by example and through his fellow board members’ actions.

“My music is the soundtrack to my personal journey of success. For me, goal setting and achieving serves as motivation to pursue more professionally, academically and financially,” Clarke said. “When my fans listen to my music, I want people to picture a long term goal they’re working towards and embody that feeling of accomplishment.”

Chris’ drive towards organizing student events, coordinating club marketing techniques and establishing studio sessions for artists to pursue their creative work sets an exceptional example for business students looking to replicate his leadership.

Baruch’s clubs make it a top priority to acquire members who can provide value to their respective organizations. In the case of WBMB, their recent tabling event hosted in the club suite saw over 30 sign-ups, with interested prospects inquiring every week. This is important to business students’ growth as members are able to work independently and efficiently.

The independent element of music brings out the best of the producers and artists in the radio club. This is well represented through the characters and personalities that work daily to master their craft.

“If happiness could be a sound, it’d sound like my music,” Dorian Tejeda said. Tejeda works in human resources for WBMB.

“I like to create experiences for my listener, so I try to incorporate elements from all the styles of music I like. I hope when people hear my pieces, they return to the happy memories they’ve created.”.

A freshman who majors in Management of Musical Enterprises is very confident in his music through the exposure of the club.

“If you listen to my music, you can hear various forms of lyrics, unique sound effects and sharp digital sounding instruments that create a slow and somber vibe,” Daniele Welsh said. “I can harmonize my vocals on instrumentals through the available studio time that I can formally sign up for.” Welsh works in production at WBMB.

Various courses offered by the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences also provide the creativity business students seek. These courses range from Introduction to Arts Administration, Harmony, The History of Music from Antiquity Through the Baroque, The History of Music from Classicism to Modern Times and Music and Society.

With an organization like WBMB, these creative individuals can solidify a role within any of the club’s four departments: Production, Marketing, Operations or Music and Programming. A music lover, aspiring podcaster, artist or producer considering joining WBMB Radio can contact WBMB by emailing