Speedy Recap: The Flash Season 9, Episode 6



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Jahlil Rush, Production Assistant

The CW’s “The Flash” is halfway through its concluding run on the CW network, and the final season continues to highlight Team Flash preparing for new chapters in their lives.

So far, Team Flash has taken down an evil speedster, relationships have blossomed and heartwarming characters have departed from the series. At the end of the last episode, Khione revealed that Iris is unexpectedly pregnant with her and Barry’s first child.

While much expected news was revealed, episode six shows that business is not over for the superhero team. Episode six, titled “The Good, the Bad and the Lucky,” explore the lives of Barry and Iris as they prepare for their upcoming lives as new parents in addition to the return of a familiar face being at the center of Central City’s latest case.

After the news was revealed, the parents-to-be decide to take some time away from Central City for an investigation. With the Scarlet Speedster away, Allegra, Cecile and the rest of Team Flash take charge on a mystery that involves a familiar metahuman.

Episode six begins with the return of Becky Sharpe, also known as Hazard, a metahuman that died in season four. Due to the Crisis of 2020 rebooting the multiverse, she was resurrected. Her powers have changed as well — instead of creating bad luck, she creates consistent good luck.

Becky’s luck changes when her powers cause her fiancé to be placed into a coma and she is arrested under the suspicion of foul play. Captain Kramer asks Cecile to take on the case and help prove Becky’s innocence despite the growing evidence against her. Becky is released from custody, and later on she, Cecile and Allegra learn that Dom, Becky’s fiancé, was a gambler who was in debt.

The trio is confronted by mysterious figures who try to kidnap Becky. Cecile discovers that her powers are being affected by Becky’s powers. Becky blames herself for all the harm she believes she’s caused, only to get kidnapped by the mysterious figures she met earlier.

Later, Chester concludes that dark matter is the source of Becky’s power reversal, which is affected by the material discovered in Becky’s engagement ring. Team Flash learns that Becky’s fiancé’s brother, Tony, orchestrated the incident to pay off his debts. Becky is forced into a game of blackjack at a local casino to save her life. Cecile and Allegra are successful in tracking down Becky, not only rescuing her and removing her bad luck ring to restore her powers but also taking down Tony and his henchmen.

In a separate storyline, Chester and Mark Blaine try to figure out what Khione’s superpowers are from her ability to sense Iris’s surprise pregnancy and revive Mark from his coma in the earlier episode.

Mark is frustrated by his complicated yet developing feelings for Khione, especially since she revived him through a kiss. As the two share an emotional moment together, Khione surprisingly causes the room they are in to snow.

Finally, Team Flash celebrates Becky’s freedom and Dom’s recovery over breakfast. Cecile predicts that her powers were affected by Becky rather than Allegra due to her guilt for not being there for her daughter. This is followed by the team throwing a surprise baby shower for the returning parents to be, Iris and Barry, as the family prepares to welcome the long-anticipated child’s arrival.

Meanwhile at S.T.A.R. Labs, Chester’s research analysis reveals that Khione is not a typical metahuman — unlike her counterpart, Frost — nor is she human like Caitlin, but something completely different. This creates a new mystery of her true origins and what this unexpected discovery could mean.

Only seven episodes are left to be aired on television until the series finale when Flash fans must say goodbye to the fastest man alive. Episode seven will premiere on March 29.