‘And Just Like That’ Baruch College gets the spotlight

Nicole Bryk, News Editor

Lights! Camera! Action! Baruch College was put in the spotlight after scenes for “Sex and the City’s” reboot, “And Just Like That” were shot in the Clivner=Field Plaza on March 15. The filming took place from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Students who observed the filming process shared their excitement, speculation and even their critiques of the production crew.

New York City is one of the most popular sites for filming movies and TV shows alike, so actors are frequently spotted throughout the city. In particular, the Lower East Side is a common place for filming. Shows like “Boss,” “The Blacklist” and “Life & Beth” were all filmed on 6th and 7th Avenue in March.

However, “And Just Like That” is one of the first shows to be filmed directly on Baruch’s campus.

Chantal Green, a sophomore and an intended journalism major, had some insightful commentary on the filming process,

“Yeah, it was kind of surreal to see a famous actor just sitting a few feet away,” they said.

Green said seeing the behind-the-scenes movie magic made them realize how much set dressing goes into production, and how believable the set dressing is. They saw producers use numerous tools to create different times of day and even different seasons.

“It was interesting to see the filming process,” Green said. “I stayed there for a little while and I saw them like make fake light in order to create a different time of day. With a big mirror and stuff, it was really cool.”

Anisa Jagnarayan, a freshman and intended psychology major, said they were curious as to why Baruch was chosen for filming.

“I was wondering what the premise [of the reboot] was, if they’re just filming in our plaza or they’re actually filming on campus,” they said. “The name of the show kind of gives away what it’s actually about ‘sex and the city,’ so who knows what they could possibly do?”

Jagnarayan said it was nice to see their campus recognized and said they felt those “five seconds of fame” because of it.

They also joked about wanting to be an extra.

Edward Sanchez, a sophomore and intended political science major and Andrew Gomez, a sophomore and intended history major, both said filming is simply part of being a student in NYC.

“Honestly, for me, it’s an interesting thing,” Sanchez said. “Yeah, it’s a big city, a lot of people come here a lot of film crews come here to obviously shoot and they have certain locations that are famous.”

Sanchez said having film crews in the area can also be inconvenient. His previous encounters with other film crews were negative because they prevented access to train lines and from walking along certain streets.

“Sometimes it does get annoying because obviously like you know they close off the streets,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez, Gomez, Jagnarayan and Green all told the Ticker that they’d consider watching the reboot, or at least whatever episode was filmed on Baruch’s campus.