AMA and WIB hold joint fundraiser for NYC National Organization for Women


Courtesy of AMA

Adelisa Music, Advertising Director

Baruch College’s American Marketing Association and Women in Business joined forces to celebrate Women’s History Month and host a fundraising event on March 9. 

The event aimed to promote women’s equality and donate funds to the New York City National Organization for Women, a nonprofit organization that advocates for women’s rights and reproductive justice, and fights discrimination and violence toward women in New York.

The event was held on the second floor of the William and Anita Newman Vertical Campus during club hours. It included activities and music.

The club leaders who organized the event said the collaboration resulted in a successful fundraising event that not only entertained students but also contributed to a meaningful cause.

AMA President Meilly Chen Mo expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration and the significant impact the event would have on NOW-NYC.

“Advocating for women’s rights seems to be such a huge responsibility, but we are trying to make it as accessible as possible,” she said in a written statement. “A lot of students walked by us and that’s okay, as long as our words get to their hearts.”

Melanie Perricone, the vice president of fundraising, also shared her opinion on the event’s importance and its impact on women in need across the city. 

She said organizing the event gave her the opportunity to help bring the Baruch community together and support a cause she is passionate about.

“We definitely had a good time, and I think everybody who came did as well!” Perricone said in a written statement. “We appreciate the excellent turnout and generous donations, which will support women in need across the city.”

Keithlum Collins-Moss, the vice president of AMA, said the event was the culmination of months of hard work and dedication by both AMA and WIB.

“We’ve really put our blood, sweat, and tears into this for months,” Keithlum said. “To see our efforts come to life for a great cause while also creating an environment for students like myself to become more aware of the injustices that women are still facing while also providing them ways to help has been an eye-opener to me.”

Club members said the success of the AMA and WIB collaboration for the Women’s History Month Fundraising Event highlights the importance of teamwork and the ability of students to create change.

Zybel Abroguena, a member of AMA’s analytics committee, said seeing the impact the power of students to organize inspired her.

“It feels like there’s a hope for a change in society and creating more inclusivity in our norms,” Abroguena said in a written statement. “Even if it’s a dollar donation, it does help a lot of women who undergo harsh experiences.”