USG hosts first ever Student v. Faculty Game


Courtesy of Laiba Hussain

Laiba Hussain

Welcome back Bearcats. The Undergraduate Student Government is kicking off Women’s History Month with several themed events planned for these next few weeks 

The Office of Student Life’s theme for this month is “EmpowHER: Lift While You Climb,” a play on the word “empower” and a reference to the month itself. The committee, run by Assistant Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Jan Martinez, will host a total of 24 events.  

USG has three of its own Women’s History Month events scheduled, including a talent show and two panels.  

The talent show was held on March 14 and was a major success. Chair of Arts Andrea Zhao and Rep. Sen. Karina Ordóñez put on an amazing display that showcased the student body’s hidden talents.

The Women’s History Month Youth Advocates event was held in the multipurpose room on March 16 and featured a panel of women in the advocacy field. This event was organized by Ashley Chen, Vice President of Legislative Affairs, and her committee. 

Lastly, USG will be hosting a Women in Tech panel, a professional event focusing on the tech industry. Women still make up only 28% of the tech industry workforce, according to research from Zippia Inc. 

This number is woefully low. Chair of Marketing Adelaide Ilyasov and Vice President of Campus Affairs Karen Guanga are both computer information systems majors at Baruch College and felt that this event was extremely relevant amid the rise of the tech sector. 

Vice President of Academic Affairs Jason Galak and President of SAAC Julie Cuttone also did an excellent job hosting Baruch’s first Student versus Faculty Game. Students faced off against their professors for a heated basketball game in the gymnasium on March 9.

USG also distributed free Baruch merchandise before the game, including baseball caps, sweatpants and crewnecks. Rep. Sen. Adriana Cuca was instrumental in organizing this giveaway. 

The faculty won 77-55, giving the student-led team a run for their money. A new tradition has definitely been started at Baruch, and USG hopes to see this game held every year.