Lionel Messi’s potential transfer may destroy or enhance legacy


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Alexandru Medina

With the upcoming transfer window this June, Lionel Messi’s goal is to flourish with other players, win grand titles and retire his name successfully in the world of football — unless he utterly destroys it.

The acclaimed soccer superstar made his debut for Paris Saint-Germain F.C. on Aug. 29, 2021. After 20 years in FC Barcelona, he quit due to complications involving his salary. Messi left behind his legacy of world-class dribbling, playmaking and free-kick skills that made him a valuable asset to any team looking to improve their striking force.

After almost two years at PSG, he is ready to transfer yet again. Messi’s opportunities are, but not limited to, Al-Hilal in Saudi Arabia, Inter Miami in the United States, Manchester City in the United Kingdom and a return to Barcelona in Spain.

Fans are in distress that Messi may choose to retire in Saudi Arabia like Cristiano Ronaldo. Al-Hilal has offered to pay up to 450 million euros per season for the footballer, according to sports journalist Rudy Galetti.

This salary would make him the highest paid athlete in the world if he were to transfer, but may also stir controversy considering the country’s troubling human rights record.

Inter Miami also has high hopes in acquiring the legendary player and introducing him to the MLS. This would be a great transfer due to the growing popularity of the team.

Inter Miami is placed fourth in the MLS Eastern Conference as of March 16. Not only will Americans be able to witness him play against their favorite clubs, but it will drag in tourists from all over the world.

Manchester City, a fan favorite among the options, would be detrimental to Messi’s career. Many believe there will be a struggle between Erling Haaland and Messi outshining each other. Halaand wouldn’t work as well with Messi like people believe they could.

Messi is a playmaker who creates opportunities for his teammates with slick passing and through balls. Halaand isn’t familiar with this type of playstyle. Haaland was recorded to be in the 39th percentile for progressive carries and has 27 goals in the Premier League, thus cementing him as more of an individual star rather than a great team player. Manchester City would also likely lose several games in the process of adjusting to the unique players and their different play styles.

The last option would be a return to the club that molded him into who he is today: FC Barcelona. The only way this would work is if Xavi Hernandez, the head coach at Barcelona, also manages to recruit Argentine striker Julian Alvarez from Manchester City.

The two Argentines are 2022 World Cup winners and have similar playing styles. This would create a graceful transition for FC Barcelona in becoming the top club in their league, La Liga.

The beloved star from Rosario, Argentina, has many options to choose from, but Messi’s decision will remain unknown until June 2023, when his contract with PSG expires.