‘On Swift Horses’ Adaptation


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Daniel Li

Jacob Elordi has been cast in multiple upcoming projects,  from a World War II series called “The Narrow Road to the North and Emerald Fennells “Saltburn” to Sofia Cappola’s “Priscilla” and now On Swift Horses,” adapted from Shannon Puhfal’s novel. Elordi, known from “Euphoria,” has worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, like Zendaya and Joey King. In the new on-screen adaptation of Puhfal’s “On Swift Horses,” Elordi is set to star alongside Daisy Edgar Jones, Diego Calva, Will Poulter and Sasha Calle, suspected to play the character Julius, a Korean War veteran and gambler.

If the movie is a direct reflection of the book, there will be two storylines to follow: Muriel and Lee, the newly-wed couple, and Julius, Lee’s younger brother. As Lee returns from the Korean War, he enthusiastically moves with his new wife, Muriel, to California. Everything seems to be perfect for the couple until Julius enters their life and a love triangle develops. In 1950s America, gambling rises as a new form of entertainment, and Muriel and Julius both share a common interest. Muriel finds a new love in gambling as she eavesdrops and bets in horse races, while Julius moves to Las Vegas for the casinos. There he meets a blackjack artist, who is rumored to be played by Diego Calva, and the two start an affair.

At the 2023 Screen Actors Guild Award, Diego Calva revealed to Variety that he enjoys working with Elordi.

“I don’t know if I can say this, but we are going to have pretty hot scenes together in this movie,” Calva mentioned, sending Twitter into a frenzy. “You have to wait. But I think it will be a pretty cool movie. I feel very proud. It’s my second lead character in an American movie.”

He continued to talk about Elordi as the two have gotten to know each other better on set. “It was cool to work with him. He’s obsessed with photography, he’s pretty obsessed with old plays, he loves Tennessee Williams, he loves Chekhov. He’s not the guy you think he is.” That last line may allude to Nate Jacobs, the character Elordi plays on “Euphoria,” which fans most associate him with.

This highly anticipated film has yet to set a release date, as it is currently being filmed in Los Angeles. Behind the star-studded cast is the director Daniel Minahan, who has previously directed five episodes of “Game of Thrones, two episodes of “House of Cards” and many other popular television shows throughout the past decade. The screenwriters for the film are listed as Bryce Kass and the author herself, Shannon Puhfal, which means that deviations from the source for the adaptation will be few to none.