USG supports faculty and staff at PSC rally for fair contract


Courtesy of Osvaldo Garcia

Osvaldo Garcia

The Undergraduate Student Government wishes everyone luck for their upcoming midterms. USG has spent the past month advocating for student needs while planning events.

A Professional Staff Congress rally for a fair contract was held on Feb. 27 in front of City University of New York’s midtown headquarter.

Attendees demanded higher wages and better benefits for CUNY faculty and staff, alongside more school funding and a tuition hike freeze.

Vice President of Legislative Affairs Ashley Chen attended the rally to support Baruch College faculty and staff. Chen also spoke at the rally on behalf of USG and the student body.

Chair of Philanthropy Joseph Hernandez and Representative Sen. Karina Ordóñez were also in attendance.

USG supports PSC-CUNY in their fight to receive better wages and benefits, and for CUNY to receive more funding and fewer tuition hikes.

Additionally, USG representatives have been scheduling conversations with state senators and assembly members to continue advocating for CUNY students.

The Office of Government and Community Affairs has been working alongside Chen to connect students with their representatives to advocate for more CUNY funding and more space on campus for students to congregate and axing potential tuition hikes.

These three core issues have been at the forefront of every conversation with different state representatives.

Albany determines how much funding CUNY receives, so it is essential to continue the advocacy even after visiting Albany.

USG created a call/email template—available on the USG Instagram—for anyone interested in advocating for more CUNY funding and a freeze on tuition hikes.

The email template is filled out with recipients and a completed body.

The Baruch Strategic Planning Committee held a town hall on Feb. 27 to discuss Baruch’s long-term goals.

Many attendees described a need for streamlined communication between departments as well as improvements to Baruch’s physical infrastructure.

The town hall made it clear that students’ goals are very similar to that of the faculty and staff. The Baruch community wants to ensure that students have the best possible experience before they graduate.