Senate Meeting: USG approves second batch of 2023-2024 club budgets



Marziya Hasan, Copy Editor

Baruch College’s Undergraduate Student Government met for its fifth senate meeting of the spring 2023 semester on March 7.

The meeting began with a continuation of the 2023-2024 club budget proposals.

The Vietnamese Student Association club proposed $10,000. The same $10,000 allocated budget was approved 18-0-0.

The United Sikh Association proposed a budget of $10,000. After negotiating the budget to increase the refreshments section to $1,300, the total allocated budget of $9,450 was approved 18-0-0.

Marketers of Baruch proposed a budget of $4,275. Keeping in mind social events and a membership decrease, and to ensure the club’s entire budget is used, the allocated budget was $3,875. The motion passed 18-0-0.

ISACA Cybersecurity proposed a budget of $3,500. An allocated budget of $3,335 passed 18-0-0.

The InterVarsity Christian Fellowship proposed a budget of $5,500. An allocated budget of $2,225 was passed 18-0-0.

Financial Quants and Engineers proposed a budget of $2,250. USG proposed an allocated budget of $2,165. The motion passed 18-0-0.

Filipinos Uniting Students In Other Nations, FUSION, proposed a budget of $9,930. An allocated budget of $9,730 was passed 18-0-0.

The Collegiate Association of Women in Business, WIB, proposed a budget of $10,000. The same budget of $10,000 was proposed by USG. The motion passed 18-0-0.

The Accounting Society proposed a budget of $9,900. USG presented an allocated budget of $7,100.

Accounting Society members contested the presented budget by explaining that when their events were held virtually last year, they didn’t have enough in their budget to cover costs of food and had to pay out of pocket.

President of the Accounting Society, Iris Herrera, added that they expected larger attendance numbers this year and even more next year as in-person events increase at Baruch after COVID-19.

USG members agreed that after looking at the previous year’s budget of about $1,500 for certain events, the club should need more money in the events section.

The motion to amend the referrals budget for the networking luncheon event to $3,000 passed 18-0-0. The motion to pass the budget passed 18-0-0.

Next, 50Five Capital proposed a budget of $5,070. An allocated budget of $2,970 was presented by USG.

After hearing an appeal from the club, USG members voted to amend the professional event and workshop programming budget to allocate $1,000 in referrals and $1,500 in supplies. Both the amendment and budget passed 18-0-0.