CUNY waives application fee for NYC public school students

Joshua Nina

CUNY has announced that they will waive the $65 application fee for New York City Public School seniors that are planning on beginning college in the fall of 2023, between March 1 and April 15.

CUNY had waived application fees for eligible students who are not financially stable, living in foster care, homeless and/or receiving other public assistance. To have fees waived, they needed to fill out a request for a waiver code, which was then distributed through CUNY’s Admissions Office and guidance counselors of the student’s current high school.

CUNY and New York City Public Schools aim to motivate high school seniors who have thought of not applying to colleges due to the financial barrier of the application process.

The decision also takes into account that many of the students are first-generation students, immigrants and financially hit New Yorkers whom the pandemic has impacted.

New York City Department of Education Chancellor David Banks said the partnership between CUNY and the New York City Public Schools hopes the change will make the process of transitioning New York City public school seniors to college smoother.

“Taking that charge seriously means partnering with another dynamic leader in public education like CUNY to continue giving our children bright starts and bold futures by making high-quality education accessible and equitable,” Banks said in a statement.

The change will make it so that seniors applying to CUNYfor the fall 2023 term are no longer required to pay a cost or submit a waiver code. They also do not need to verify their current financial situation to check for eligibility for said waiver of the CUNY application form.

The elimination of waiting for CUNY to waive the application fee through said process would also allow more time for guidance counselors to help high school seniors decide their long-term career goals and academic profiles before attending college.

CUNY will waive the application fee for New York City Public School Senior students who graduate in January and August and apply to a CUNY college for the fall term between March 1 and April 15.